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  1. I agree with Wensey. The CPESR's course and handouts are not useful. I bought it for the practice exams. The practice exams are useful. Seismic I am not so sure. I guessed on ~15 problems, had a few not confident, and ran out of time to check error for the ones I completed.
  2. Because I failed seismic last month, so I did a lot of practice problems for the surveying. I guessed on 2 problems, the rest I feel confident unless I made some careless error.
  3. Just got the surveying results and pass. I failed seismic last month. For these two exam, I think practicing is the key!!!
  4. Still waiting on surveying results.
  5. Hope it's today! The waiting is killing me.
  6. Hope the results will come out tomorrow!
  7. I used the Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers by Cuomo. I also bought the CPESR review course about two weeks before the testing date for their online practice exams.
  8. Hope the results come out today! I've been checking emails every 30 mins for 3 days.
  9. I received a mail from the board saying that I need to submit additional materials for my application. If you still haven't received any notifications, you may want to check the mailbox.
  10. I am waiting too. Hope we will get something by end of today.
  11. Thank you so much! That makes me feel much better.
  12. I paid $425. My timeline is similar to k.heezy until it was sent for technical review. Now, I am getting worried that something is wrong with my application.
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