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  1. I am trying to transfer my Maine PE license to New York State, but I have been having trouble getting my write-up through the NY board of education. Last time I applied (September 2017) they wrote back that they wanted to see two more years of experience (which is why I drove to Maine to take the exam.) Since September 2017, I worked for about one and a half years doing construction management and 8 months as an ATL (Assistant Team Lead) on a bridge inspection team. In all honesty, I do not feel like most of the work that I have done is really engineering but I am being advised to just re-submit the application to see where I stand. In my current position, I feel like 70% of what I do is hit concrete with a hammer (sounding concrete), and 30% is simple CAD sketches...The only design work that I have done in my current position is some load calculations for a bridge repair jacking but it probably adds up to 0.001% of my time in the last 8 months... My supervisor is a PE (as required by NYS law) but he said that when he applied for his PE years ago, he had to temporarily transfer to our structures group for 2 years before they let him sit for the exam. Does anyone have any advice on buzz words or examples of PE write-ups for bridge inspection that they could share? I would really like to avoid transferring laterally in my current agency just to transfer my license from Maine, and then transfer again when I want to take a promotion. Thanks!
  2. I would definitely buy the ACI MNL - 15. I know it sucks to spend the money on it, but I figure I will be able to sell it used after I pass so I should be able to recover most of my funds....
  3. I have not taken the exam yet so I can't speak to what will work or not, but I am in your class so I thought I would chime in with my thoughts.... I think that people who did the SOPE refresher and failed the exam probably did not work practice problems on their own outside of the course, and that is why they may have fallen short. This week is our last week of class and then we will have about two weeks of our own study time before the exam. My plan is to spend the next two weeks doing the workshop problems from the SOPE course on my own and finding out where my weaknesses are. Another thing I did was I bought the NCEES practice exam book, and everything that is in both the SOPE refresher and the practice exam book I tabbed and starred because there is probably a good chance that those problems will be on the exam. One last strategy I plan on using is the strategy discussed by Mr. Stankewicz regarding going through once and labeling problems based on difficulty and doing the easy problems on the first pass. I think if I can go through one time and get ±10 very confidently and quickly in the first 30-45 minutes, then I will be in good shape. I am bringing the SOPE binders and if I have printed up and tabbed the crap out of them and I feel like I can get a ton of problems just by looking back at those notes and worked problems. I also don't give much thought to the whole 6 minute a problem idea that people stress about...there are some problems that you can get in one minute or less so if you get those first, you will have more than 6 minutes per problem. (Plus I have never heard anyone say that a 60/80 is a failing score so if you aim to do 30 well in each session you could arguably have 10 minutes per problem and guess C for the remaining ten problems.) Good luck! Are you really burnt out from the classes and studying?I have become totally useless in all other aspects of life lol...
  4. Most of my experience is in Construction...and I feel like that is frowned upon...Has anyone ever tried applying in a different state after getting denied? I live 45 minutes from the Vermont border, and I am wondering if I will have an easier road there.... There was even a thread on here on how to qualify for the PE exam with Construction Experience and I followed it to a tee...I still didn't have any luck...
  5. Has anyone had any issues trying to get a decent explanation as to why their experience write up in New York State was discredited? I put in for 7 years and 11 months of engineering experience and they only gave me credit for four years. (I need six years with an engineering technology degree.) I have called and emailed the New York State Department of Education multiple times and they refuse to give me detailed answers as to why they would not count some of my experience, and which pieces of experience did not count. All I want is to know where my experience fell short, and if my current position has been counted as 100% so that I know to apply again in two years. They told me that the process is held in confidentiality. I feel like if they felt strongly enough to knock time off my application that they should stand behind it and give me some reasons....I feel like this top-secret process gives too much power to a few people's biases or egos and that they can make up any excuse to deny someone... One tidbit of information that I was able to get out of the secretary on the phone was that they did not count my experience that occurred before my Bachelors Degree. They said that the work I did during school doesn't count because it is part of the Bachelors degree process, but the work I did was completely separate from my degree... I feel like that is an absolute garbage reason to knock a year of experience off. You are able to become a PE without any degree in NYS...why doesn't my summer work count? I have emailed my assemblyman & the state senator in my district because I feel that for my $400 write up fee, I am entitled to find out why I was denied...If you are going to tell me I suck, you better be able to tell me why I suck. I am all fired up and on the warpath now...Has anyone else had any negative run ins with NYS?
  6. Did you take the PE in New York State by any chance? I see your profile name says NYC but that doesn't necessarily mean you took it in NY...As far as I understand, New York uses the Department of State to review applications while other states use NCEES.
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