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  1. I did the same as NY Computer Engineer, I named the project, wrote a short paragraph describing the project, then said "the specific duties I performed were:" and listed bullet points of everything I did on each project. Since I have worked more in structural renovations, restoration, and steel erecting I've worked on a ton of different projects in 5 years (unlike some of my new construction design engineer friends who have only worked on maybe 2 or 3 projects in that time) and had over 30 pages of experience listed.
  2. My law office is handling the filing. They called about 2 weeks ago after sending the paperwork in and that what they were told as a timeframe.
  3. Idk New York is very slow for everything. It took them over 8 weeks after passing the PE for them to issue licenses. I've recently applied to form a PLLC (Professional Service Limited Liability Company) and they said the same, 12-16 weeks for approval because they have a backlog
  4. Just be warned NY is much slower than other states, it took them over 8 weeks to issue my license after the results were released. Also i recently filed to form a PLLC (professional sevices limited liability company) and called the department of education after I sent out the forms, they said to expect it to take 12-14 weeks as they are backlogged, I've also seen people here applying to NY for comity licenses that take over a year for them to get.
  5. I had my supervisor who wasn't a PE sign for my last 3 years experience. The board did email me and ask why I didn't have a PE as my endorser, and I responded that because he was my direct supervisor which is what they had asked for, I gave them all the certifications and experience he did have, and also said if they would like I could also have a PE who was not my direct supervisor but who was familiar with my work that I worked with often sign as an endorser. They approved my application and didn't ask for the additional PE to endorse it as well. I can't answer if you have top submit again if you fail, I was wondering about that also, but I passed the first time
  6. In NY city only watches were allowed, it was REQUIRED to stay on your wrist, no table top clocks, nor could the watch be taken off and placed on the table. No snacks or drinks were permitted, if brought they had to be checked with the proctor along with your lunch.
  7. What kind of problems are you looking for, I don't know of any crane books that have problems outright to solve, but if I remember right Shapiro's book has examples that they walk through.
  8. bsimms89

    AASHTO and PCI

    I had 1 AASHTO question and 1 PCI question, neither were from parts that I had learned in EET or had expected to have a question on, they were just lookup questions, if you were somewhat familiar with the codes and indexes you had a shot at finding them ( I managed to). So I don't think you can just print 1 or a couple sections and be confident the answer to the question would be there.
  9. I can agree with every part of this, it was about a 12 minute walk round trip to go to the bathroom (just to walk there and back), you had to go out the gym, down the hall, downstairs, across to the opposite end of the building, and around a corner. I got dropped off for the exam and we got there 2 hours early just so we could find a place to sit in the car until they were closer to letting people in. I also found it ridiculous when we had lunch we all left the gym, went to the first floor of the building ( they locked the gym and had proctors in it) some of us were sitting on the benches in the entryway of the building eating lunch when suddenly the proctors decided we didn't just have to be outside the gym, we couldn't even be in the building during lunch so we had to go outside and find someplace to sit and eat there instead. And like you said, not only were the tables 3.5' square, there was only like 1.5' between tables, so there wasn't a ton of space to put your stuff on the floor either. My material for civil-structural PE took up most the floor space under my desk and between my and the desk to my left (the person at the table to my right used up the space to my right) so there wasn't even room to walk between the tables once everyone got setup.
  10. I'm sure someone else will be able to better answer you in full but I'd expect you will have to take both the FE and PE, engineers to get their degrees in an ABET accredited school and have their experience in the US also have to take both the FE and PE exam in order to get their license (even if you have a Master's degree). I have a BS in Civil and a MENG in Civil, I took the FE at the end of my Junior year of undergrad, but some people don't take it until years after they graduate, but it is a requirement for a license.
  11. It's on the authorization, also it might not be at Queens College, I know from a bunch of people most previous ones were at Pratt Institute, only the most recent one was at Queens College
  12. I did the live webinars so if you keep to your schedule it's a good pace. I did all of the breadth problems during the course after one class before the next, the depth I did most of the practice problems as they were doing the course but couldn't find the time to get them all in. After all the classes in the last couple weeks before the test I went back through the binders and highlighted tabbed everything and color coded it by section. Then after doing their binders I went through all the codes the tests references and found the applicable section of code for every topic in the binders and highlighted and tabbed tabbed them using the same color coding system so that if I had a question on a topic in the test and it wasn't covered in their binder I could quickly find that section in the code. I then went back through the remaining practice problems and worked on the goswami and other practice books. I did take about a week and a half off from work before the test and worked full time at home doing all the color coding/highlighting and studying for the exam.
  13. This is true for New York, my direct supervisor for the last couple years wasn't a PE, although I worked regularly with PE's who also reviewed my work. I had my supervisor sign the form and I checked the box that he was not a PE, I got an email from the state board why I didn't have my experience signed by a PE and I just explained that the form asked for my direct supervisor, I told them all the credentials and licenses that my supervisor does have and that if they would like I could have a PE who is familiar with my work sign it as well, just that they would not be my direct supervisor, they accepted that explanation without asking for the additional signature.
  14. I found the goswami practice problems more similar to the actual test than anything from PPI, I also would say don't waste you time with six minute solutions, their problems are way too in depth and too many steps as compared to the exam. Yes it does test the skills you will need on the exam, but ultimately I found the whole book frustrating as you are better off checking you solution in stages to make sure you are proceeding in the right direction rather than waste all that time only to realize you made a mistake in the first step. I too EET's breadth and depth course and passed my first try, they had in my opinion the most similar practice examples of anything I used and they provide a ton of practice problems, took me lots of time to get through them all and most people I know couldn't even find the time to get all the practice problems in. I highly recommend them.
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