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  1. bsimms89

    FE & PE licensing requirement for a Canadian person

    I'm sure someone else will be able to better answer you in full but I'd expect you will have to take both the FE and PE, engineers to get their degrees in an ABET accredited school and have their experience in the US also have to take both the FE and PE exam in order to get their license (even if you have a Master's degree). I have a BS in Civil and a MENG in Civil, I took the FE at the end of my Junior year of undergrad, but some people don't take it until years after they graduate, but it is a requirement for a license.
  2. bsimms89

    Table set up at exam

    It's on the authorization, also it might not be at Queens College, I know from a bunch of people most previous ones were at Pratt Institute, only the most recent one was at Queens College
  3. I did the live webinars so if you keep to your schedule it's a good pace. I did all of the breadth problems during the course after one class before the next, the depth I did most of the practice problems as they were doing the course but couldn't find the time to get them all in. After all the classes in the last couple weeks before the test I went back through the binders and highlighted tabbed everything and color coded it by section. Then after doing their binders I went through all the codes the tests references and found the applicable section of code for every topic in the binders and highlighted and tabbed tabbed them using the same color coding system so that if I had a question on a topic in the test and it wasn't covered in their binder I could quickly find that section in the code. I then went back through the remaining practice problems and worked on the goswami and other practice books. I did take about a week and a half off from work before the test and worked full time at home doing all the color coding/highlighting and studying for the exam.
  4. This is true for New York, my direct supervisor for the last couple years wasn't a PE, although I worked regularly with PE's who also reviewed my work. I had my supervisor sign the form and I checked the box that he was not a PE, I got an email from the state board why I didn't have my experience signed by a PE and I just explained that the form asked for my direct supervisor, I told them all the credentials and licenses that my supervisor does have and that if they would like I could have a PE who is familiar with my work sign it as well, just that they would not be my direct supervisor, they accepted that explanation without asking for the additional signature.
  5. I found the goswami practice problems more similar to the actual test than anything from PPI, I also would say don't waste you time with six minute solutions, their problems are way too in depth and too many steps as compared to the exam. Yes it does test the skills you will need on the exam, but ultimately I found the whole book frustrating as you are better off checking you solution in stages to make sure you are proceeding in the right direction rather than waste all that time only to realize you made a mistake in the first step. I too EET's breadth and depth course and passed my first try, they had in my opinion the most similar practice examples of anything I used and they provide a ton of practice problems, took me lots of time to get through them all and most people I know couldn't even find the time to get all the practice problems in. I highly recommend them.
  6. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I wasn't assigned a license yesterday either. I got mine this morning tho!! they are still doing new licenses. I know 2 others besides myself who got theirs today also, it is just ridiculous how long they are taking though.
  7. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    NY-Computer-Engineer also pointed out something in his other thread I just noticed, initially the NYS website said 4-6 weeks until licenses would be issued, then a couple weeks ago they changed the website to read 6-8 weeks, and now they just changed it again to simply read 8 weeks. They issued 1 license on 7/18 and 1 license on 7/19, none so far today, I guess it takes an 8 hour work day to enter each result? The other states really put NY to shame on this one.
  8. bsimms89

    I "need" my NY License number

    The website initially said 4-6 weeks and they changed it to 6-8 weeks, didn't realize until you posted this that they just changed it to 8 weeks
  9. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Well at the end of the day the exact percentage doesn't matter, we're still among the highest taxed states with on of the least effective state government. Oh and as of today they're into the P's, still no license for me yet
  10. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    So far today they've issued 20 more licenses but are back in the L's as pretty much every name today was an L name
  11. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I tried calling yesterday, was put on hold for 40 minutes before I gave up, emailed the engineering office at the office of the professions, they said they forwarded my questions to the processing unit and apologized for their (the processing unit's) delay. So it seems that it's not the engineering licensing office that's the cause of the delay its the license processing unit for the office of the professions.
  12. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    As of now they have issued 31 licenses today, they made it from Hs and looks to have made it into the Ms still going alphabeticallyi. Today was the first day they issued licenses since the 3rd, looks like I’ve still got a long wait to go. NYs website says it should take 4-6weeks after the notice of passing for them to issue the licenses, were coming up on 8 weeks right now
  13. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Seems as of 7/3 they are still in the H's with some random M's D's and C's mixed in, at this rate maybe I'll get my license around the time of the fall exam?
  14. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I mean we only have some of the highest state income taxes of anywhere in the country (we have over 8%, while 7 states don't even have a state income tax btw), so I guess it's asking too much for them to be at least in the same region of efficiency of other states that operate on a fraction of the budget they have.
  15. bsimms89

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I'm all the way down in the alphabet, they added 1 person yesterday, they were in the F's but the one random person yesterday was an S? IDK how every other states can all have it within a week of results but in NY we're over a month later now and still very few have gotten their licenses? Especially because they review all your experience and FE results before giving you permission to even sit for the PE exam, so what exactly are they reviewing at this point?