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  1. In a sense, these boards are like a study group. You can post here any questions that arise during your study and the community typically answers very quickly. Also, if you're looking for additional practice problems, check out this thread:
  2. Correct, (C) yes, all problems in the thread have been answered and thoroughly discussed.
  3. Correct. The normal stress is due to two sources: the axial force normal to the section, and the bending moment due to the external load.
  4. Absolutely the best advice for that question. @Aurora09, if you do this you will see that P2 - P1 = pgHf (where Hf is frictional head loss), is obtained for z1 = z2 and d1 = d2 where d is the pipe ID. Extended Bernoulli can also address your other questions regarding sloped and vertical pipes.
  5. Friendly reminder that this thread is still relevant. Cheers, and good luck
  6. Thanks for the shout out. We’re glad to have been of service in your studies. Congrats!!!
  7. Thanks!! Much appreciated. Congratulations!!
  8. Thank you for creating this thread. 😊
  9. If coach woulda put me in 4th quarter we would’ve been state champions. No doubt.
  10. 'Till Spam do us part. Couple has SPAM-themed wedding
  11. I know how this spam thread influences the release date
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