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  1. Hi All! I am a Comity PE applicant to NYS. I applied last June and so far I haven't got my License yet. I sent an email to the Board and they replied saying "Your file is currently with the engineering board office for review. Should the board have any questions for you during their review, they will contact you directly." Does anyone have got license through comity from NYS in the last months? I wonder how long we have to wait.. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I am already PE in CA and for work reasons I need to get licensure in NY State. Does anyone can give me advise on Work experience requirement? Part of my experience is out of US and I was wondering if this will count towards the NY Board requirement. I don't see any mention to this case on the NYS Board website. Any advice on the application process would be very appreciate too! Thanks!
  3. @CAPLS Hi ! Any news regarding the ATTs for Civil State Specific Exams to the candidates that have already got an approved application? the April the 1st if 4 weeks away Thank you very much!
  4. Same here. I got mail the 9/26. I sent back the missing doc the 27th with fedex overnight . I called today (28th) and they told me that even my application is now ok it is too late to sign up for the October Exams... @CAPLS
  5. I have been trying to call the board from yesterday but 916-263-222 number doesn't work. @CAPLS After few rings the call drops
  6. Thanks for that. I did not received anything yet.
  7. Does anyone received approval to CA Tests in the last few days? thanks
  8. Does anyone received Approval form the Board today? I am still waiting
  9. I am studying for the exams and i really hope to take them next October. I will keep trying to contact the Board if i don't hear from them.
  10. **Update** I was able to speak with the Board this morning and they told me that my application in still under technical review. They haven't been able to tell me if additional information regarding my application are needed. They just told me to wait. Anyone that is in my same situation? Not sure if there is something else that i can do to understand if i will be able to sit the exam next October. Thanks
  11. I appreciate your answer. I am sure the board is doing his best to allow who submitted the application last July to get an answer. I hope to hear from them soon.
  12. Passed National exam April session. I got email for one-time exception to sit CA exams during Fall 2017 session. Submitted application 6/27, email that the application has been received 7/19, email that says that my application is in technical review received 7/27. So far i didn't get any email from the board regarding the authorization to sit CA State exams. I called the board and they told me to leave a message to the Approver. I sent an email too, just in case. Let me say that all this is frustrating when you are working+studying (as all of us here) and i feel not being treated as our colleagues that have received email last week. The Board should put more effort in give answer to the applicants in the same timeframe (especially when the exams get close).
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