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  1. I brought and used a seat cushion.. Maryland, April 2018. I didn't approach and ask a proctor about it, I just took it out of my clear plastic bin along with all my other stuff and sat down on it. Left it on my chair at lunch and never had an issue. If in doubt, check with the proper authorities.
  2. FWIW.. I brought and used a seat cushion (April, 2018). It was never an issue with the proctors. I brought it into the room in my clear crate along with my other materials, and left it on my chair during the lunch break. I didn't notice anyone else with a cushion, but it was a room with 300+ test takers so I can't be sure. I definitely received a lot of jealous looks from other test takers when sitting back down for the afternoon session. I highly recommend bringing a cushion simply to minimize the number of potential mental distractions during the exam. If in doubt however, check with the board.
  3. .... To the sniveling, deviant, and woefully evil nature of the fitbit. FINALLY a major government organization recognizes this!! https://americanmilitarynews.com/2018/08/pentagon-bans-use-of-fitness-trackers-other-devices-from-areas-deemed-sensitive/?utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=alt&utm_source=dvf I wonder this policy change was due to someone trying to download classified PE exam questions?? 🤔🤔🤔 The DoD ain't got JACK on Maryland DLLR and NCEES.
  4. Mine was "collected" by a proctor as well, much to my (previously posted about) chagrin... I'd like to obtain an April 2018 pencil as well.. Do you have point of contact at Castle Worldwide that you could share with me?
  5. Don't worry, I took care of those extra beers. Gotcha covered.
  6. Forgot to add that I showed up in the license lookup immediately after receiving the email from DLLR.. Can't wait to have fun with the nooobs this cycle 😈😈😈😈😈
  7. Sorry for the late reply.. Long day today.. Yep, I'm official too! Received the email prompt to log in to the DLLR website to download a PDF of my license at about 2:30 pm today. Paid the licensing fee on Friday, so fairly prompt turnaround, IMHO. Printed it out all fancy schmancy (in color and everything). In a previous email from them they said the wall certificate would be mailed within four weeks.. Was still hoping to still attend the Maryland SPE awards night at some later date? Hopefully that still is in the works... Baltimore Engineer's Club looks like it's Da Bomb!!
  8. Yep.. 52XXX series. I'll wait. I won't have to pay (at least, not as as much) for my stamp since I was one of the lucky winners of the giveaways from PE Stamps.com that was touted elsewhere..
  9. Not yet... I just paid the license fee.. Should be 48-72 hours afterwards.. I think the registration number they sent becomes our license number? I'm going to wait for that to be sure before ordering my stamp.
  10. FYI for fellow Marylanders.. I just received the email from DLLR with my registration / license number and can proceed with paying the last bit of $$$ to wrap up my journey down this long and winding road that is PE licensure. If you haven't yet, your DLLR email should be coming soon.
  11. No raise. No bonus. Might get reimbursed for exam and licensing fees, but not for prep materials, MERM, etc. After telling my boss that I passed, I got a hearty slap on the shoulder and a "congratulations, that's an awesome accomplishment!", and the slightly less motivating follow up, "in this industry, that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee". PEs are mostly not required in my world (defense contracting for one of the big boys) unless one sets up shop and goes after their own work. I did it mostly for the prestige, peer respect that comes with the title, and simply because it was a personal/professional goal.. And I guess also to some extent because I hope to set up my own consulting shop one day and cut out the middle man.
  12. Hi SUGGSosarus.. Did you already receive an email from DRRL with your license/registration number? I'm still waiting for mine... Thought it would be up to two weeks. Can't wait to add those two little letters after my name in my email signature
  13. Yes indeed. I am already enjoying this fine, glorious, "basking in victory" Memorial Day weekend.
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