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  1. Hi everyone, Here's some tough, tricky, and exam-realistic problems for you: https://gumroad.com/sqrpgz Good luck on your exam!
  2. Best of luck on your upcoming exam. Here's some freebies to help you prepare for the AM Civil and PM WRE: https://gumroad.com/sqrpgz
  3. Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply. Yes, these problems are hard — they are designed to be. When I took the exam I was presented with very easy problems and very hard problems. If you have a few hard problems in a row, it can throw you off, even if you’re passing by them the first time. Matt267 is correct, 3 steps and 5 minutes is a good rule of thumb, and being over prepared is frankly a necessity. My problems are exam-realistic. Your exam may not be full of these questions, but when you get the hard ones (and you absolutely will), they will resemble my problems.
  4. All materials are in excellent condition, except the Chelapati Volume V, which has some spine damage that has created some loose pages. Chelapati Volume V, Secion 10 (Hydraulics) and Section 11 (Hydrology) — 9th Edition Chelapati Volume VI, Section 12 (Water Supply and Water Quality) — 9th Edition [excellent condition] Chelapati Volum VI, Section 13 (Wastewater Engineering) — 9th Edition PPI Six-Minute Solutions Water Resources and Environmental Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-–59126-139-1 PPI Civil PE Sample Examination (with an afternoon session for all disciplines) — Fourth Edition, ISBN 978-1-59126-387-6 PPI Water Resources and Environmental Depth Practice Exams (includes 2 exams) — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-1-59126-396-8 PPI 101 Solved Environmental Engineering Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 1-888577-61-4 A bunch of material that will REALLY help you prepare for the exam! $300 will get you the whole package, plus I’ll add in all of the 75 problems (205 pages) of solved tricky exam-realistic problems that I’ve created and sell at https://www.patreon.com/sqrpgz and more here: https://sqrpgz.com/c/credentialing-prep-materials
  5. I made these problems (see the uploaded file "SQRPGZ Free WRE Problems.pdf" link, below) shortly after passing the WRE on my first try. There's 15 problems with solutions for a total of 45 pages of material. Let me know what you think. Also, if you'd like more WRE problems with the same rigor, please visit https://gumroad.com/sqrpgz Good luck on your exam! And, please leave some feedback! SQRPGZ Free WRE Problems.pdf
  6. Do as many problems that you can get your hands on! Seriously! Here's tons: https://gumroad.com/sqrpgz
  7. Again, not looking for vendor cred. Already most of the stuff I created is free. The balance will free within days. I thought it would be fun to create questions -- it's not.
  8. Just got off the phone with SoPE. You're right. Although there is absolutely no copyright violation in my selling the materials, they did create a policy that they make you click-off on as you order the course. I must not have read it thoroughly -- my fault. This said, the set is no-longer available for sale. If you're interested in any of the soft cover materials, feel free to PM me with an offer. Thanks for the education, @txjennah
  9. I'll call School of PE, and learn more about the document/agreement, and report back. If I signed it, I'll bail on the sale. If I didn't, then shouldn't be a problem.
  10. I don't remember signing any such agreement. I paid them a ton of money, received their materials, wasn't well-prepared, so bought materials from EET. I looked on their sight for such agreement -- can't find it, but may have missed it. I understand your position, based-on such an agreement, but again I don't remember it. Regarding being a vendor: I was making problems and selling them; however, as it turns out, I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I'm in the process of making all free on a tumblr website -- should be done with it by end of week. I'm still a vendor on here, because I don't mind donating to this site -- paying it backward and forward.
  11. I agree that it is copyrighted, but that doesn't prohibit the sale of it (the original content, not copies) as a used item. Books are also copyrighted, and regularly sold used. Don't see why School of PE gets special treatment compared to PPI -- both printed materials, used, and up for sale.
  12. Good points. Screen grabs off the table, but notes still available. Also, I'm selling the notes at a loss, not a profit. Food for thought.
  13. And, if your hangup is only related to the digital videos -- we can disagree, but in good faith, I have no problem following a consensus lead on this, and withdrawing the offer for the videos as part of the package. And, as noted, the videos don't add value over the notes. They're read word by word.
  14. It's like buying any other study materials (ONCE) using them, then selling them used (ONCE). I'm done with the materials.
  15. I'd like to sell the following as a set of materials for the civil WRE exam (I PAID FOR ALL OF THESE MATERIALS LEGALLY): EET WRE exam printed materials (notes, problems, sample exams) School of PE civil WRE exam printed materials (notes, problems, sample exams) Testmasters printed hydrology, hydraulics, and groundwater materials (notes, problems) Chelapati manuals (softcover) 101 solved environmental engineering problems (ppi, softcover) 6-min WRE (ppi, softcover) WRE depth practice exams (ppi, softcover) Civil PE sample examination (ppi, softcover) Several hundred breadth problems from ppi online cafe that I printed out I've held on to these materials since taking the exam nearly 3 years ago. There are thousands of problems. You'll get printed binders, with my marks, highlights and tabs -- all in excellent condition. I also screen-recorded the School of PE lectures, so I can throw them in as well, but in my honest opinion, the course was so weak, the notes are all that you need. This set is worth an easy ~$2,000 new, and I know, it's not new; however, just as valuable, but with my markings as distractions. That said, I'd like to get $600 (plus shipping costs) for the entire set, but I might accept a respectable counter-offer I'll even throw in some additional very hard, exam-realistic questions that I developed myself -- nearly 200 pages of excruciatingly-detailed PM WRE problems and solutions. Here's an example (45 pages) of these questions: https://issuu.com/joshuakogan/docs/sqrpgz_free_wre_problems__3_/1?ff&e=32207430/64261919 The first $600 payment in my paypal gets the set. My paypal email is joshuakogan@gmail.com. I'll mail it all within 2 business days. I haven't made backups to any of these materials. I can only sell once. And since they're not being copied and shared any differently than the sale of a used textbook, this sale won't violate copyright laws. Good luck on your exams -- you'll need it!
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