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  1. Sorry, slight typo on my part: The problem provided pressure as 1,680 kPA (not 1.680kPa) This would be 1.680MPa. So the answer is correct, 50 MPa.
  2. Congratulations to all those who passed! Please go to the Consolidated Advice Thread Environmental PE exam board to list all of the courses, references and problems you worked. Do you know what the cutoff score was? Thanks!
  3. Just checked the NCEES website what appears to be an updated news release on the status of paper and pencil test results. The test results are to be released to State Boards approximately 8 to 10 weeks from October 26th. Meaning Dec. 21st to Jan. 4th?
  4. The Solution is as follows: Refer to Cylindrical Pressure Vessel in the Mechanics of Materials section of the FE Reference Manual (top left of page 81). The cylinder can be considered thin-walled if t < do/2. In this case, t = 12 mm and ro = do/2 = 362 mm. Thus, Tangential stress = Pi * r / t where r = (ro + ri) /2 do = 700mm (di) + 12 mm + 12 mm = 724 mm => ro = 724 mm/ 2 = 362 mm di = 700 mm = > ri = 700 mm/ 2 = 350 mm r =( 362 mm + 350 mm ) / 2 = 712 mm / 2 = 356 mm Tangential stress = Pi * r / t = 1.680 kPa * 356 mm / 12 mm = 50 kPa Therefore, answer is .050 MPa. (not 50 MPa?) Am I missing something here?
  5. The Pressure gauge in an air cylinder reads 1.680 kPA. The cylinder is constructed of a 12-mm rolled steel plate with an internal diameter of 700 mm. The tangential stress (MPa) inside the tank is most nearly: A. 25 B. 50 C. 77 D. 100 The answer provided in the solutions is B. I think it is wrong, should the answer be .05 MPa? Thank you!
  6. It's open now! Ahh still no Oct 2017 test results yet...Guess today is not the day!
  7. Is anyone able to go in MyNCEES to register for Spring 2018 exam? Today is Dec 4th the first day it opens but I am seeing it hasn't opened yet (8am EST)? . I took the PE Oct 2017 and waiting for results.....
  8. I think you are right, looking at the McGraw Hill website, latest shows two books authored by Metcalf - One is the 5th Edition (2014) - Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery. The second one is titled Water Reuse - 1st Edition (2007). I could not find a later version than 4th Edition for Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse past 2004. I will request all three books through the lLL program to see which one I like the best for my purchase. Thank you!
  9. Maybe a better question to ask - which reference presents concept/material clearly and has the most relevant practice problems for preparing for the ENV PE exam? Thank you!
  10. Hello! A newbie here, thank you to all for your great recommendations for references provided in this forum! Here's hoping there's someone out there still following this forum to help answer a question about one of the references... I have been borrowing some of these references through my local library Inter-library Loan program so I can review to decide which books to purchase. I am finding there are two Metcalf references - one is Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery and the other one is Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two references? I reviewed the table of contents for both and it appears both of them have the same topics with the first one (Resource Recovery) being more advanced with additional topics and more recent technology development info in it? Thank you!
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