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  1. This is a non exam question, but this is a design connection problem I have seen and would like to get a better grasp of- are any structural engineers here familiar with slip connections to deal with partition deflection? I have seen them with the top track (see image) directly to the underside of ceiling. Have you seen any with connections that may not but up directly against the ceiling? How does one detail a deflection connection for a sloped roof condition? My thought is you cannot have the track up against ceiling?
  2. This is great- thanks!! @MA_PE
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    Which type of open web truss series
  4. MA_PE, Thanks for your quick reply! Can you explain this in simpler terms to me? Thank you again!
  5. Does anyone have thoughts on this question?
  6. Thank you @Hemi79! I would love to hear others' thoughts on this as well. My guesses are: bolt diameter, stress of bolt, and thickness. One of my textbooks says strength of connected parts can also help define.
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    Awesome, thank you! @youngmotivatedengineer
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    I did do some research on this and am simply confirming!
  9. Let me be more specific, if you could kindly review, I would appreciate the help! Of these factors, which is important in determining connectors used, in minimizing shear stress? shank length stress of bolt diameter of bolt duration of load thickness of material finish of bolt
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    This is all that was given! I’m sorry it’s so bare, just looking for guidance on my solution. I have to solve for that force.
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    Understood, thanks!
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    For the fun of it Thoughts on how to solve?
  13. Thanks for your response! My question is whether, and sorry if this is a stupid question, but is it 110 degrees difference? (70 - -40)
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    The question didn't specify- unfortunately, it only listed the materials. I am confused because wood is lightweight and metal is ductile, so theoretically either could work? I understand that it is a poorly written question and am just looking for a best guess. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Understood, thanks!
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    Honestly, no other information given other than this. My solution was to do square root of ( 8^2 + 15^2 ) = 17. Then F= 200 x (17/8) = 425 as the solution
  17. Brittle veneer like masonry would be easiest to break when there is which one of the following conditions?: excess drift, uplift, low frequency vibration?
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