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  1. Structural Spans

    1) Can anyone clarify the spans for the following systems? Concrete T beam One Way Slab Pan Joist These are confusing me. And would they all be used for heavy loads? 2) What would be the best system for 20' span in commercial building? A) Steel Decking and Concrete --> I believe these can go upto 15' but can span farther if deeper B) Glulam --> 25'-65' C) Wood Joist --> 25' D) Wood I joist --> 45' E) Waffle Slab --> 40' Are my above spans correct? If so, I'd say the answer Is A.
  2. Foundation Settlement

    Also, please ignore the uniform load, and look at my sketch above: there should only be one point load downwards at 3, with 4 fixed columns, and 3 experiences settlement.. I've received a variety of answers, so I am stumped.
  3. Foundation Settlement

    That makes alot of sense bassplayer! Thank you for the visual analogy. Yes, all fixed.
  4. Foundation Settlement

    Settlement at 3 would lead to increased negative bending moment at 2 or 4 then? I am having a difficult time picturing this. I think it would lead to increased negative bending moment at 2 and a smaller negative bending moment at the right (3).
  5. Foundation Settlement

    That makes sense about creating the moment diagram and then evaluating! What if you have the attached condition? Downward load only at 3. In this case, which has the increased negative bending moment? 1, 2, 3, or 4?
  6. Foundation Settlement

    Thanks Bass! Julie, there's just a column at 4.
  7. Foundation Settlement

    Assume R3 is column 3. Thank you.
  8. Foundation Settlement

    IF column 3 experiences settlement in this question, what will happen? I am torn between a larger negative bending moment at either 3 or 4.
  9. High Grade vs Low Grade Energy

    Can you clarify: would your answer would be electricity for heating water?
  10. F= M x D

    The problem statement is to solve for X, given the three variables that are already provided (50, 100, 12'). No reaction forces needed, I think? Would the way you have shown, can it be done about the left point and still yield the same answer? About left point, it is 100' x [x/2] = 50 x 12 ? (No negative or clockwise moments in this case?)
  11. Structural System for Lateral Resistance

    This is helpful, thank you so much! If there wasn't a tall or short building specified, which one would be best... I know this is arbitrary but this is the question I've been presented with
  12. High Grade vs Low Grade Energy

    This makes sense!! Thank you. So your answer would be electricity for heating water?
  13. F= M x D

    Thank you!!! This is helpful. Is there a reason you took the moment about the bottom right corner? I could have picked the bottom left corner, and it would have been the same concept and result, right?
  14. F= M x D

    How do I solve for X in this problem? Given the dead load (100 lbs/ft) and a force coming from the right (50 ). Do I set overturning and stabilizing moments equal to each other? For instance, is the solution: 50 x 12 = 100 x (x/2) ? I know this must be a moment arm type of issue.
  15. Structural System for Lateral Resistance

    Thanks Damascus. I am just looking for the conceptual reasoning here. THe choice on the right would have variations in perimeter stiffness, thus contributing to weaker lateral resistance, right?