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  1. Failed twice, nearly identical results. Project planning, means and methods, materials, and SITE DEVELOPMENT are pretty lacking for both exams. I really need help finding materials helping me answer theory questions when it comes to those subjects. 2nd attempt 1st attempt Any other opinions or advice would be appreciated. For breadth the 2nd time around I had the School of PE breadth sites, but they didn't seem to help me much for the Site Development theory questions. Seems to be mainly consolidation theory, and erosion control stuff that does me in.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the EET Breadth binder. Can you PM me? I was unable to PM you.
  3. I felt like I breezed through the morning with 30+ very confident answers. Ended up with 24/40 on the morning. Sucks so bad. 21/40 on the afternoon was on the low end of how I thought I did.
  4. PEstruc


    Failed structural 45/80. Ouch.
  5. So far highest unsuccessful score is 49. Sorry to those that didn't make it... and thanks for reporting in
  6. PEstruc


    I've done literally nothing for almost 3 hrs at work.
  7. PEstruc


    Someone with a Twitter account should @
  8. PEstruc


    Can we just flood the Cali board with phone calls, that might actually get them moving...
  9. PEstruc


    @RBHeadge PE any suggestions? Is this a common theme on release day?
  10. PEstruc


    It definitely appears that way
  11. PEstruc


    I contacted the California board... they said they have absolutely nothing to do with releasing the results. They don't even have to acknowledge an email from NCEES... NCEES is the one who releasing the results as they choose.
  12. PEstruc


    Hey, can you PM with price for the Surveying book(s)? Does it include the practice exams? Sorry, for some reason I was unable to PM you.
  13. Thanks Ptatohed... Here is the reply I received from BPELSG, which is the exact same text shown on their FAQ document: If the applicant is applying for licensure as a civil engineer, and the experience offered has taken place in the United States, all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering, or federal employees (see Question 26). If a civil engineer applicant has had qualifying work experience outside of the United States, the references for that experience must be from persons authorized to practice civil engineering in accordance with the laws of the country in which the experience took place. If such references are not licensed civil engineers, they must provide information, which indicates by what authority they are authorized to practice civil engineering. If the applicant is applying for licensure as an electrical or mechanical engineer, all references must be from engineers authorized to practice in the discipline in which the applicant is seeking licensure, by virtue of licensure or by exemption. Since licensed civil engineers are authorized to perform supplementary electrical and mechanical engineering work, such persons may serve as references if they meet other requirements. See Question 26 for information on satisfactory references. If the applicant is applying for licensure in any of the remaining branches of professional engineering, all references should be from engineers, scientists, or technical persons who meet the satisfactory reference requirements of Question 26. Since these other branches are not practice regulated, anyone is authorized to practice in those branches, and thus anyone can serve as a reference. However, the reference must have sufficient knowledge of the applicant's engineering specialty to be able to make knowledgeable comments about the applicant's performance on the job. I believe it means that in my case the international registered engineers will be acceptable. @CAPLS can you kindly chime in?
  14. I am a engineer who has passed the FE exam in California. I have 2 years of qualifying experience which would be required to sit for the PE exam, however all of that experience comes from an international firm (top 3 global consultant based out of the Middle East). Most of my colleagues are chartered civil engineers, albeit through the European/UK system of engineer licensing. (CEng/MEng/MIStructE) If I use those engineers as reference, rather than PE's - would I be able to have this international experience verified by the California board and be eligible to sit for the exam?
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