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  1. Slay the PE questions were more difficult than the real exam for that particular topic
  2. Well, that sounds like you need to solve more practice problems to complement your understanding of the topics. The MERM Companion should help immensely with that!
  3. Probably lack of preparedness. But it's alright, you still have plenty of time to revisit the sections you're struggling with. The practice exam is very close in difficulty to the actual exam, except for a couple of heat exchanger problems which were just a bit too much.
  4. Unfortunately the PPI practice exam you've purchased is probably based on the old exam specs, but they've just released a brand new practice exam for the new TFS specs, maybe you can check it out if you have $70 lying around that you don't know what to do with.
  5. I didn't take DTC, but I can tell you that the actual exam was in between the NCEES practice exam and the PPI Practice Problems in terms of difficulty. I admit that some of PPI's Practice Problems were ridiculously long/difficult but I definitely think they helped. Also, I think you have plenty of time to do some other practice exams like Slay the PE and Engineering Pro Guides.
  6. Please don't do that, that will be violating copyright laws.
  7. I'd try to delete this post if I were you
  8. Strategy sounds good. The only thing I'd add is doing a couple more practice exams, maybe PPI or Slay the PE.
  9. Hi Omer, I don't have any but you might want to try and for PDF practice exams and study guides. For the actual exam though, you really need to have the ASHRAE books and any other references in print form.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know of good reference materials to learn about the design of multimedia water filtration systems? Thanks
  11. I prefer the MERM. My boss had Mark's lying around and I was thinking of borrowing it for the exam, I flipped through it and was like nah.
  12. Also, don't worry too much about problems where you have to calculate the entire cooling/ heating load of a building. Focus instead on getting familiar with representing different processes on the psychrometric chart and knowing how to get things like the ADP and bypass factor
  13. I admit that I was scared of that knowledge area in particular because I felt like I didn't get enough practice. But I passed and I think the MERM (13th Ed.) and it's problems book are enough. I found that the questions in the actual exam are almost the same difficulty.
  14. I don't think you're going to do anything crazy at all! You're a 30-year old engineer and you're obviously smart enough to know what you want to do next. It seems like you've given this decision a lot of thought and weighed the opportunities against the risks. I'd say go for it and I wish you all the best!
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