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  1. FE Exam Format

    Very helpful. Thank you for the response. I have taken a practice exam and scored in the 50's. If it was an untimed test, I would have scored in the mid 80's, it just took me a while on some of the questions early in the exam, which caused me to start having to guess too early in the second section. My hope was that it would be formatted exactly as the guide, with all similar questions grouped together. This will allow me to entirely skip the two subjects I am fairly slow with in order to get through the others and then come back at the end to answer them. In the practice exam, I felt like I missed out on two many easy questions in the last two subjects, which I am pretty strong in, due to a lack of time. The one good thing with the amount of studying I have done is that I know a lot of the reference manual pretty well. I initially intended to just search it via ctrl+f; however, I find myself now knowing exactly what page to flip to for various questions. This will be even easier if all of the subject questions are grouped together.
  2. FE Exam Format

    I am preparing to take the FE Electrical exam this weekend. However, I haven't seen many details about the format of the exam. Here are a few questions I have for anyone that may have previously taken the exam. - The practice exams that I have taken essentially follow the FE subject outline. (i.e. the first 11 are Math questions, the next 4 are Statistics questions, the next 3 are ethics questions, etc.) Does the FE exam follow the same format, or does the order of questions not relate to the subject it is associated with? - I have seen where it is broken up as two (2) sections of 55 questions each with a total time limit of 6 hours (including break and intro). Is there an actual time limit for each section, or will it allow as long as desired in the first section? Obviously, it is not wise to waste over 50% of the time in the first section though. - I have seen on a previous failure report that it indicates the average score for a passing exam is ~10/15 on each subject. This would relate to a ~67% - 70% weighted score. Is there a rough estimate anywhere of what the normal scaling factor is? I would assume around a 60% raw score would be necessary to achieve a 67% weighted score? Also, any suggestions from past experience when taking the FE would be helpful. Regards, Chad