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  1. Passed! PE Power, 1st time taker!
  2. I totally agree! The sample exam needs to be updated :|
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Just hoping the curve is in our favor. Also, if the exam is going to be this hard, I think NCEES should elevate the difficulty level on their sample exam too.
  4. what's everyone doing to take their mind off the waiting game?
  5. I agree. The exam was much harder than the practice exam and some of the questions were topics I had never seen before. I feel like I guessed on many of them. The morning session was terrible and the afternoon was better. I am just hoping for the best at this point.I have a master's degree and it was pretty useless for the exam.
  6. I am a bit perplexed with teh answer for 510. I solve this by taking teh FLA which is 65A and multiply that value by 1.15. I get 74.75. I choose 80A as the answer but that is wrong. Where in the NCEES does it say we need to size down?
  7. Hello, Cans someone tell me a good place to study shield wires and reactors from?
  8. What if the question stated two fuses were blown out on this problem? What would be the resulting waveform then? I am just curious.
  9. Thank you for the replies! Diverting to another topic, can you tell me some good sources for reactors? I checked the Wildi Electrical Machines, drives and power systems and could not find it. Does anyone know if it's there in this book?
  10. Thank you for the reply! Do you think it is worth buying the Engproguide? I am debating on it. I heard it's a downloadable link ?
  11. Supposed we are given a full wave rectifier with an RMS input voltage of 120V , what would be the output voltage across the load if one of the diodes were open circuited? I think the rectifier would then operate as a half wave rectifier and the output voltage would be half of the peak voltage? Therefore the answer would be : (sqrt(2) * RMS voltage) / 2 = 85V? Is this right?
  12. Thank you for the reply! The answer to your question would just be 13.2 kV right.
  13. Also, when I do node analysis should it not be In= Ia + Ib?
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