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  1. I have the spring 2019 version available. It comes with a full practice exam and 4 quizzes plus all the practice problems
  2. Spring 2019 version with 4 quizzes and one full 55 question practice exam. $60 plus shipping
  3. The first time around With only hiner I felt like I understood the material and did not want to spend anymore time watching videos I just needed practice and to see other material. I must have gone through all problems at lest 3 times from both Hiner and EET book. Good luck
  4. The spring 2019 is almost exactly the same as fall 2018 the difference is it has one additional quiz for a total of 4 and a full 55 question practice test.
  5. I took hiner and failed the first time too. The Second time I redid all of hiners Practice problems and the sample test and I bought EETs workbook which came with 3 CBTs (I think or maybe 4) someone can confirm. This really was just a lot more practice problems to help prepare. Good luck you’ll get there
  6. I took EET and failed the first time too. A coworker took EET and passed so who knows. What I did is EET practice problems and CBTs again and Reza’s book and passed. You’ll get there.
  7. Fall 2018 book based on new test plan. $85 plus shipping
  8. I took it today. And I am dying to know how I did already
  9. EET has a seismic book and Exams. The book has tons of good practice problems.
  10. Have you received notice from Prometric? I’m still waiting
  11. I took hiners course and failed. I work in water/environmental so I think I just needed more practice. I know many folks pass it with just his course. This time I am studying hiners material again and purchased EETs book and it comes with practice CBTs. I am planning on taking it again next month.
  12. You’re right then. I did not take EETs course. I only purchased the book and already have the reference codes.
  13. I submitted my app/fees the 2nd week of November. You should hear something by the end of this month.
  14. I got the same email from the Board. Now we wait for Prometric.
  15. You can carry your binders, no need for a box. I am not sure about notes in pencil. Anyone else know?
  16. Ok thanks. I sent mine after failure notice on November 7th. I am hoping that is enough time to get it processed and approved. I noticed Board did cash my check
  17. Have you received approval for 1st quarter?
  18. Anyone take his course? How was it?
  19. Thanks for your response. I did EET on demand and have Reza’s workbook so now I am just trying to decide if I should purchase CPESR only for the Practice exams. Thanks again
  20. Did you feel that the CPESR practice exams were appropriate for the new test plan? I am looking by for as many practice exams as possible
  21. Thanks for all the info. Does EET seismic course have simulated practice exam CBTs or are they PDFs?
  22. Congratulations to all that passed! I failed both 😰 and just mailed my re-exam form. What material did you guys that passed used? Thanks in advanced
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