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  1. I have the spring 2019 version available. It comes with a full practice exam and 4 quizzes plus all the practice problems
  2. Spring 2019 version with 4 quizzes and one full 55 question practice exam. $60 plus shipping
  3. The first time around With only hiner I felt like I understood the material and did not want to spend anymore time watching videos I just needed practice and to see other material. I must have gone through all problems at lest 3 times from both Hiner and EET book. Good luck
  4. The spring 2019 is almost exactly the same as fall 2018 the difference is it has one additional quiz for a total of 4 and a full 55 question practice test.
  5. I took hiner and failed the first time too. The Second time I redid all of hiners Practice problems and the sample test and I bought EETs workbook which came with 3 CBTs (I think or maybe 4) someone can confirm. This really was just a lot more practice problems to help prepare. Good luck you’ll get there
  6. I took EET and failed the first time too. A coworker took EET and passed so who knows. What I did is EET practice problems and CBTs again and Reza’s book and passed. You’ll get there.
  7. Fall 2018 book based on new test plan. $85 plus shipping
  8. I took it today. And I am dying to know how I did already
  9. EET has a seismic book and Exams. The book has tons of good practice problems.
  10. Have you received notice from Prometric? I’m still waiting
  11. I took hiners course and failed. I work in water/environmental so I think I just needed more practice. I know many folks pass it with just his course. This time I am studying hiners material again and purchased EETs book and it comes with practice CBTs. I am planning on taking it again next month.
  12. You’re right then. I did not take EETs course. I only purchased the book and already have the reference codes.
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