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  1. IwantthatPE

    CA Seismic

    I took it today. And I am dying to know how I did already
  2. IwantthatPE

    CA Seismic

    EET has a seismic book and Exams. The book has tons of good practice problems.
  3. IwantthatPE

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Have you received notice from Prometric? I’m still waiting
  4. IwantthatPE

    Seismic Reference Materials

    I took hiners course and failed. I work in water/environmental so I think I just needed more practice. I know many folks pass it with just his course. This time I am studying hiners material again and purchased EETs book and it comes with practice CBTs. I am planning on taking it again next month.
  5. IwantthatPE

    Seismic Reference Materials

    You’re right then. I did not take EETs course. I only purchased the book and already have the reference codes.
  6. IwantthatPE

    Seismic Reference Materials

    This is all you need
  7. IwantthatPE

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I submitted my app/fees the 2nd week of November. You should hear something by the end of this month.
  8. IwantthatPE

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I got the same email from the Board. Now we wait for Prometric.
  9. You can carry your binders, no need for a box. I am not sure about notes in pencil. Anyone else know?
  10. IwantthatPE

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Thank you much
  11. IwantthatPE

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Ok thanks. I sent mine after failure notice on November 7th. I am hoping that is enough time to get it processed and approved. I noticed Board did cash my check
  12. Have you received approval for 1st quarter?
  13. IwantthatPE

    Reza course reviews?

    Great thank you
  14. IwantthatPE

    Reza course reviews?

    Anyone take his course? How was it?
  15. Thanks for your response. I did EET on demand and have Reza’s workbook so now I am just trying to decide if I should purchase CPESR only for the Practice exams. Thanks again