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  1. Thanks for your response. I did EET on demand and have Reza’s workbook so now I am just trying to decide if I should purchase CPESR only for the Practice exams. Thanks again
  2. Did you feel that the CPESR practice exams were appropriate for the new test plan? I am looking by for as many practice exams as possible
  3. IwantthatPE

    October Test Results

    Thanks for all the info. Does EET seismic course have simulated practice exam CBTs or are they PDFs?
  4. IwantthatPE

    October Test Results

    Congratulations to all that passed! I failed both 😰 and just mailed my re-exam form. What material did you guys that passed used? Thanks in advanced
  5. IwantthatPE


    Hi I took the civil FE exam 10 yrs after college and failed twice with just self study. Folks told me the general would be easier to pass. I switched to the general FE and took a course from excel test prep course and passed. The course was four long weekends and after that access to videos with lots of practice problems. I passed after completing course and passed
  6. I didn’t take course just bought the fall 2018 workbook and it has 3 quizzes and a mini exam with 40 problems along with loads of practice problems
  7. IwantthatPE

    September survey and seismic exam result?

    I’m pretty sure they would have let you know by now if you didn’t pass the take home. Guess you can call the board to verify
  8. Fingers crossed you hear soon! Let us know
  9. Hi have you received the ATT to test in Q4?
  10. IwantthatPE

    Board Re-exam form approval timeline

    @staringatmonitor thank you this is very helpful
  11. Any idea how long it takes the Board to approve the form? I am trying to figure out how late in the 4th quarter I can submit my re-exam form and have it approved for 1st quarter testing next year.
  12. IwantthatPE

    4th quarter Test takers

    Great thank you
  13. IwantthatPE

    4th quarter Test takers

    Have you received notice to register for the exam?
  14. IwantthatPE

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    You got approved to take the exam in the same quarter they processed/approved your application?
  15. Congrats did you take the course or just self study with the book?