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  1. @CAPLS Sorry to bother, but do you have any insight on this? Trying to determine if it's necessary to hold off on applying to the Board with more experience and looking for a good resource to check against. The most information I was able to find is question #5 in this faq: http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/faq_eng.pdf
  2. What is the best way to ensure that your qualifying experience is accepted? Is there a "go to" source for what the Board is looking for to make sure your application gives the right information? If the application is denied on that count do you have an opportunity to provide additional information for reconsideration? Lastly if it's ultimatelt determined that you're not qualified yet, how long after passing the PE exam can you apply to the Board to take the CA exams (assuming there is a time limit at all).
  3. Okay they posted the deadlines for Spring today. November 6th final filing date. CA specific exam dates are TBD, which I'm hoping means they will switch to year-round testing for these. This brings another question. The CA Board app says that you should take and pass the exam prior to applying for licensure. If the Civil Exam is taken this fall on 10/27/17 and the Board app is due 11/6, I'm assuming we won't know by then if it was passed or not?
  4. Wondering the same thing. Does anyone have insight on this? Also can you apply to the Board at any time? They do not have their deadlines listed for Spring 2018 yet, but I see last year it was around November.
  5. Ah, okay well that makes the decision much easier Looks like I'll stick with taking it next year (fingers crossed they open up year-round testing for CA specific exams so I don't have to wait until April). Thank you all for your time, this has been incredibly helpful!
  6. Thank you for the information. I was considering separating them just because it seemed like too much to study for all at once, but if it's not overly-ambitious I am considering taking them all at once to get it over with. That is the part I am trying to decide on. Regarding the applications, I have only registered for the 8-hour exam with NCEES so far. It is my understanding that with the requirement change you do not HAVE to apply to the Board before taking that piece, correct? But it sounds like I DO HAVE to apply to the Board before taking the CA exams? Just wanting to confirm that as well. Thanks again for your assistance it is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you for this thread it has been very helpful. I just registered to take the PE Breadth and Transportation Depth Exams in October. Is it recommended to register for the CA specific exams at the same time or should that wait until Spring? Or it sounds like 2018 they might be offered year-round so perhaps a bit sooner than that? Does it sound like I am in the right order below for a CA PE license? Lastly, how long after notification of passing the CA specific exams would you be considered licensed (assuming all requirements have been met)? Graduate with 4-year Civil Engineering degree Take and pass EIT exam 2+ years professional work experience Register for, take, and pass PE breadth and depth exam Apply to Board (incl. application, 4 references, transcripts, take home exam, application fee) Register for CA specific exams through BPELSG Make appointment with Prometric, take, and pass CA specific exams