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  1. So if we have passed the PE exam should we wait until after paying the licensing fee and being assigned a license number before displaying the “PE” credentials?
  2. Myph, PE


    Passed HVAC/Refrigeration 2nd attempt. Got a 48/80 in Oct 17. Relieved, this test was geared more towards my strengths. Totally different than the Oct 17 exam, the gimme’s weren’t gimme’s for me in October.
  3. Myph, PE

    This Week...

    Love your screen name!
  4. You failed with a 63? OK now I'm worried... I thought a 75%+/- would pretty much guarantee passing...
  5. If someone who has already passed the exam is looking to sell any study materials please let me know. I am taking the HVAC and Refrigeration test. Thank You! Travis
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