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  1. From what I've heard that continuing education requirement has been on the books for a while now and there's recently been talk of enforcing it more. I don't think it's the first time that has been discussed and the feel I've gotten is most SEs are going to roll the dice continuing to get structural PDHs and if the audit comes either fight it or just let the PE license lapse. You'd think the state would be happy to keep collecting that PE renewal fee even though you can't stamp anything in IL.
  2. Not sure if you've solved this yet but looks like it could be a Macomber joist? There's some old catalogs/info on them on this site:
  3. They won't update to 2016 versions of ACSE of AISC until they switch to IBC 2018. If I remember right they just switched to IBC 2015 for the April 2018 exams so ideally you have until April 2021 but I guess they could move to IBC 2018 whenever they want.
  4. PM me i you're still looking for NDS
  5. The course I took started the first weekend of Jan. for the April exam, so just over 3 months total. They have schedules on the website, but if you're a buildings person you'll have a couple "free" weeks at the end while they cover afternoon bridge material. The "office hour" lectures are generally filled with additional topics so they aren't really as optional as they may look from the schedule. They used Adobe Connect for the lectures - I watched them all on my laptop so I'm not sure about the device limitations.
  6. Heads up, I took lateral only for April and it was a huge time commit. The average week had about 10-12 hours of lecture in addition to homework problems and a quiz (ideally only one hour) but some weeks had closer to 15-20 hours of lectures. I'd recommend either starting one on-demand early then doing the other live, or just taking one at a time.
  7. Add me to the list of satisfied EET customers! After a second close but unsuccessful attempt at the building lateral exam I decided to bite the bullet and shell out the money for a review course to try getting me over the hump. As others have stated, there are more than enough practice problems included (something that I'd had trouble finding previously) and also very detailed lectures. One of the great things about this course is if a lecture is running long they will just schedule an additional lecture so no material is breezed over. This resulted in some weeks being much longer than expected but this was a good problem to have. Both instructors are incredibly knowledgeble on the subject matter and are always available to answer questions and provide feeback. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone taking the test. Although I brought some study material from previous attempts, all I used on test day was the course binder and the required references.
  8. My dude, where are you getting these questions? As others have mentioned, there isn't enough information to provide a good answer. Whether the goal is to practice for an exam or just learn the material in general I think it'd be helpful to get more complete questions. Typically you would check the bending stress, shear stress, and deflection in order to determine the spacing. The information provided is almost enough to check the bending stress only. Start with NDS chapter 3 and compute the applied bending stress (f.b). Check that against the adjusted design value (F.b') including the appropriate modification factors (NDS 4.3.1 assuming it's sawn lumber). If you don't have the NDS manual, you can view the pdf for free on their website ( Based on the short span and beam geometry you can likely assume the shear stress and deflection limit won't govern but it would be good practice to check those limits too.
  9. @Voomie you passed the SE with only two binders at a time?! Any chance these are for sale? I went with the dolly and milk crate method for the vertical day and was lucky enough to be seated on an aisle. The milk crates stacked into a nice book shelf at the end of the table.
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