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  1. MB13

    EET-SE Review

    I found the EET review course notes very comprehensive and I didn't need any other review books (the course also doesn't require you to buy any books). I already had the SERM, but I only used it for the concrete design aid charts. If you have another source for these, then I don't think you need the SERM at all. I did grab a copy of both of the published practice exams (NCEES and Schuster) and found these very useful.
  2. MB13

    EET-SE Review

    I wanted to add to the recommendations for the EET course! It was by far the best learning experience I've had. I took the School of PE courses for both vertical and lateral for my first attempt at the exam in April 2017. I thought the courses were decent. Along with supplemental studying, the SoPE courses got me to the "borderline" point and I failed vertical (barely - 27/40, A, A, A, U) passed lateral (likely also barely). I then took the EET vertical course for my second attempt at the exam. The EET course was far, far superior! I thought the course prepared me incredibly well, and I felt confident both going into and coming out of the exam. (Of course that confidence wore off after 2 months of waiting for results and I was suddenly very worried about results, but I think that's how it goes for most people.) I was able to pass the vertical exam this past April (2018) despite the 18% pass rate for repeat takers. I think the biggest item that sets the EET course apart is the amount of quality practice problems you receive - especially since there aren't a ton of practice exams out there. EET provides hundreds of HW problems, several mini-exams, and a full length practice exam. I supplemented the EET course only with additional long answer problems from the two available practice exams. I thought the EET course was very intense and time consuming. I was able to keep up with the vertical course, but I am curious if anyone else has had success trying to keep up with both the vertical and lateral courses at the same time. If so, what was your approach/did you start early with on-demand?
  3. MB13

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    It looks like the MA PE results were out 6 days after the results were released to the states... I’m really hoping the SE results aren’t on the same timeline. 😨 Has anyone tried calling PCS or the board?
  4. MB13

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Oh my...these are definitely discouraging for those of us still waiting for results. I don’t think I want to keep checking anymore.
  5. MB13

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    It’s release day #2 for all of us who had to wait through the weekend...let’s hope for (favorable) results today! I think we have at least MN, MA, and NV waiting still. Who else?
  6. MB13

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Okay - I broke down and asked with no luck. Anyone who's been having better luck want to give it a try?
  7. MB13

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    This is getting frustrating! 😥
  8. MB13

    Which SE course have you taken? Did you pass?

    School of PE - took both review courses (vertical, lateral) for my first attempt at the exam passed lateral buildings failed vertical buildings
  9. MB13


    Massachusetts - Passed lateral Failed vertical: 27/40, acceptable, acceptable, acceptable, unacceptable I definitely felt better about the lateral exam coming out, so the results line up. I think the vertical score could've been boarderline passing without the unacceptable in the afternoon. Hopefully a second go-around will do the trick!
  10. MB13

    Results out this week

    Where does NCEES normally post passing percentages? Do they just update the following page or are they posted elsewhere? http://ncees.org/engineering/se/