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  1. I took DTC in preparation for the TFS exam. There was some material on the exam that he covers that was covered very lightly/not at all in the MERM. The biggest take away from the class for me was the "Dr. Tom Method." I cannot emphasize enough how much having materials arranged and organized is. Time is your worst enemy and being organized combats that. Having the common conversion factors memorized will be a big help as well. I passed. I used the material he recommended plus the technical section of a Goulds Pump Manual. The second piece of advice is MOVE ON. Don't dwell on a problem trying to "figure it out," which he also make a point of his method.
  2. Joining an engineering society is just like this exam...It's all about making money...
  3. It doesn't matter what people think. When you pass it, you will be a PE just like the person who passed it on the first attempt. You might be out of pocket $1500 more than them, but you'll still be a PE. Don't get discouraged and don't give up...
  4. I understand the importance and I practiced for the exam by including units for every number. A number without a unit is meaningless.. I guess what I was trying to say is that some of it seemed excessive or unnecessary...
  5. Yeah, TFS...First thought was that October was tougher than April. But, I think i did a lot better this time around...Maybe because I partially knew what to expect.
  6. As i was taking the exam, I was telling myself that the April exam didn't seem this tough...But, i didn't get to all of the questions on the morning or afternoon session in April. I tried the whole take you time approach, but I was inefficient in looking up conversions and formulas and it hurt me in the long run
  7. I understand that unit conversions are crucial to engineering, but working through this test(TFS) I felt like the test was more guided toward the ability to do unit conversions than your knowledge of engineering principles. Anyone else feel that way?
  8. Without going into any details, THANK YOU for posting this...
  9. What do you think is better about Dr. Tom's class than the others and why do you feel more prepared? I feel like organization was my biggest fault in my first attempt. I knew how to work the problems, I just wasn't efficient enough looking up the conversions and formulas. My plan is to lay out three of the most important topics and go through the test answering questions in those topics. If a question is outside those, I will come back to it when i can open the other "PRN's" Do you feel that the previous test were drastically different? Phillip
  10. So, would you say that the exam changed drastically from one to the next? I'm going for round 2 and was hoping that the investment in a class would prove to be worth while.
  11. For those of you who took Dr. Tom's course, how prepared would you say that you were for the exam? Scale 1-10. 10 being extremely prepared.
  12. Could someone recommend the best source for steam tables?
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