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  1. CivilGuy00

    How to study for second time taking PE?

    I don't know how SoPE is for construction depth, but I haven't heard very good things about it for other depths. I took EET for WRE so again not sure how Construction is for it but I thought it was very well put together and I believe it was what helped me pass. I am sure you can find some reviews on both for Construction. I agree with leggo though. Practice problems all the way. Gives you the most exposure to what could be on it. Good luck! You got this. It took me three times so don't get discouraged!
  2. CivilGuy00

    Which Pencil to use...

    The side clicker was a surprise to me. They got classy with it!
  3. CivilGuy00

    I'm still celebrating

    Yeah it's a pretty sweet feeling. We will never have to do that test again.
  4. CivilGuy00

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Sheesh I feel sorry for you NYer's. Way too long to receive your licence.
  5. CivilGuy00

    Adding Credentials

    Don't forget to change your signature in emails and order new business cards!
  6. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    I hope you learn a lot and enough to get you prepared for those areas! Good luck!
  7. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    Hmmm, potentially but I would say only partially. EET will be weaker, if not have any info, on the areas in the enviro exam specs that don't line up with the WRE specs (i.e. air, site remediation, solid and haz. waste, etc.). EET only follows the specs of the depth you signed up for. And they don't offer any courses outside of the Civil discipline.
  8. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    Got it. Yeah, I can't speak for SOPE but EET will benefit you! I would say the CERM is all you need for the breadth. That and the EET depth material. Of course, bring what you feel but that is mainly all I used.
  9. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    You're welcome. And just to clarify, if you choose to do just one EET, I would suggest the depth. Unless the SOPE covers the depth stuff?
  10. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    And compared to the other course costs, it's so worth it. I'll even use the binder at work when needed.
  11. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    So I didn't take the breadth course, only the depth. I did use the binder though for the breadth. It has what you need for it. If I remember right, I barely used the CERM for the H&H section in the morning.
  12. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    Yes he is quite good. And you should get all you need for water and environmental in the depth course, especially since you are taking WRE. It will be enough, trust me.
  13. CivilGuy00

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    So I recently passed the WRE PE this time around. I chose to take EET WRE Depth and I believe it was a huge factor to me passing! I think we talked after we both failed the Oct 2017 exam. But yeah, I would highly suggest EET WRE Depth. Great lectures for refreshing (or new learning) and the reference material given is worth its weight in gold! Nazrul will help you succeed.
  14. CivilGuy00

    TX Scores

    So it would SEEM a 52/80 (maybe less) RAW would be a passing this time around.
  15. I also know a couple amazing test takers. I, just like @Maine PE PLS am NOT one of those people. It doesn't seem fair, especially when you know the ethics and morals of these people and they still succeed with minimal effort. Oh well, it rains on the just and unjust.