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  1. I took Civil WRE EET and yes I can say I was prepared for most problems. The only very difficult ones that I was stumped on were there to trip you up anyways and can be saved for the end to TRY and work out but eventually put an educated guess to. That was only a handful of problems though. I can't speak to the Transpo depth but EET overall is definitely worth the investment
  2. Might not be a bad idea
  3. Weather's cold.
  4. That's how NE is. No limit to retaking but after the fourth and subsequent fail, you have to appear in front of the board and present continuing ed and they have to approve.
  5. NEVER?! Seriously. No chances for additional education or anything before the board?
  6. Yea don't get in your head about it this time. Like leggo said, you know what to expect, you have EET resources. Just take it one problem at a time. From low hanging fruit to the stupid ones you're going to guess on anyway !
  7. Good! IMO, it will get you over the passing score this time! Good luck and be ready for some trolling shortly after
  8. My thoughts, and to clarify, I have 5 out of 7 of your references. I will comment on the ones I have. Also, it took me 3 times to pass this exam so my comparison from these to the exam is credible! Civil PE Exam: How to pass - The problems weren't very difficult compared to the exam IMO. All were pretty simple and the few obscure ones, you will never see on the exam. NCEES - Agreed, this was the best exam that closely resembled the exam difficulty. Just a hint though, they could ask you questions that seem similar to the ones in this book, but will be different in minor ways so be careful and read thoroughly. Mike's - A cake walk, maybe the cut/fill problems will assist you, but all the other ones are easy compared to the exam. The "softballs" you encounter in the exam may resemble these problems. Goswami - A complete waste of time. No exam question will ever be as in depth as the ones in this book. I will use this book as kindling when I start fires. As for the 6 minute - I also have this reference but I didn't use it. Those are still set up to represent how the exam used to be formatted (i.e. solve parts A-E) so it could be useful I suppose but the exam will only ask you to solve one of those parts. I'll leave that one up to you. That's my 2 cents Hope it helps.
  9. @txjennah yeah you'll be fine. You end up doing EET?
  10. So are you self studying? If so, have you gathered a large number of practice problems? You should constantly be doing problems even though you don't have motivation. Break it down into small sessions each day if you have to. Don't rely only on concept studying if you are. Also, it might help/give you motivation to study if you put together a schedule for the remaining time. That way, each day, you can look at what you need to study and check it off the list. Schedules always seemed to work for me. They gave me the structure and drive to keep pushing forward. I took this exam three times before I passed so don't underestimate this thing. If by chance you aren't successful this time around, don't waste anymore time and purchase a review course. Yes, it is a decent amount of money up front but trust me it is less then what you will spend taking the exam over and over again. Hope this helps.
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