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  1. What are your top 3 worst pm categories (based on results)? For me: 1. Temporary Structures (On Average, I missed 5.5 out of 7), best score: 3/7 2. Construction Operations and Methods (I missed 4.5 out of 7), best score 5/7 3. Estimating Quantities (I missed 4.5 out of 7), best score 4/6 If any one has advice on where to find practice problems for these sections, or others for the PM, please list. Be specific if possible (author, publication, etc.) Best Scores of all Categories of Exams Taken: 62/80, however, I can't seem to achieve it on the exam in one day! I can't be the only person this has happened to...right?
  2. I've taken the construction portion more times than I want to admit. What I found was overtime I have accumulated enough references, made enough binders, but it is obvious that the problem portion of my exercise is lacking. I need problems in specific subjects to survive , especially in construction. Construction seems to be a topic where there is a lacking of solid problem reference books, I can easily find structural problems , hundreds....but construction related problems to this exam are hard to find. I have the PassPE Civil Construction set, which by and large was best so far....but it wasn't enough for me this go around. ….so.: Was wondering if anyone had legitimate references for exam questions for the following areas: Temporary Structures and Construction Operations/Methods? While looking at my historical scores, I am worst at these sectors by a wide spread vs. the rest of the exam. I am missing between these sections up to 10 problems total (unacceptable). Finding legitimate temporary structures problems that are heavy in statics but also can add qualitative properties to an analytical questions are hard. Thanks!
  3. Let me first start off by outlining my thanks for the forum, as I have read without joining the community. However after years of taking the PE exam, I am at a cross-roads with certainly my career and prospects of passing this examination. I have taken review classes ((AM and Construction) Dr. Tom/ (Construction) EET), I have organized my materials (as expressed by these entities and others), and I given each exam a full effort. However, after taking the Civil-Construction for the 4th time, I can't seem to jump past 50 questions correct, and my mood and morale is at an all-time low. I don't know if I should surrender and fall on my sword or to continue. As I have spoke with my wife, at what point can a person keep running into a buzz saw with out changing the results. I have attempted to study both the morning and afternoon with vigor, however there are some things that don't seem to translate either from preparation to the exam or the exam to preparation. I wish I could go back in time and stay within one forte of engineering as a career path but for one reason or another I have moved around. And honestly, each time was for the right reason but looking back on it, it was a mistake. It is probably true, 'renaissance man, but master of none', but I have sincerely shifted gears for reasons that I won't disclose. However along the way, I have missed my mentors and that is the worst of all. As I am currently unemployed, it does not bode well for me- in general. Outlining to potential employers that you are at the cusp of a PE breakout is a good talking point, however they only care about the paper in hand vs the hand that holds the paper. Certainly, I am open to recommendations however I am not interested in your response if they are to tell me how much I am a failure (because at this point, I know what and where I am). I don't like to give up, but a steady fall into the abyss has been ongoing for me and I wish to find a rock to grab on the dive.
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