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  1. I took the EET Simulated 8-hr exam today. The morning was good. Afternoon was brutal. It exposed a couple of weaknesses that I need to work through. Did anyone else take it this weekend?
  2. @john813 desperate times call for desperate measures lol
  3. Working Moms. So good... the complexity of the characters' emotions is realistic. Some of the life logistics are not but if you ignore it and just take in the story, it's pretty good. It's like Sex and the City but with marriage and kids. Think... Miranda spin-off. HBO OnDemand - The Righteous Gemstones. If you liked Vice Principals, this is right up your alley. Anything Danny McBride and Walter Goggins is a winner.
  4. I read this yesterday and wanted to drop it here for anyone who might need it: Preparation + Trust = Confidence Almost there.
  5. I could see my EET notes helping me out through conceptual questions. I was putting together an index for the depth section and scanning through the binder and I saw so many bits of information packed in there that I kind of forgot about. I answered a question on a practice exam a few days ago and the answer was Nurse-Saul Maturity Method. I flippantly thought, "never heard of it". But while thumbing through the binder yesterday I saw it right there in black and white. So needless to say, I will definitely make a point to read that binder a few more times before exam day. I think my keyword index will help too.
  6. I just experienced a REALLY sad moment. I got roped into a conversation with a nice old lady while on a site walk through with some Contractors. We got to talking about triathlons. I tried to tell her the difference between a sprint, oly, half ironman and full ironman and couldn't remember all of the various distances. I used to live and breathe swimbikerun but PE topics have ruined me. All of those fun activities feel so far away. I cried tears of joy while watching Aladdin the other day. This exam can't come fast enough... but not really. Just the other day, I gave a clerk at a store register the wrong phone number. I was thinking through a problem that I solved earlier that day. Outrageous. omgiwantmylifeback
  7. You should call your State board and ask the question. I have a NO SHOW on my NCEES record. According to my State's rules, it does not count against my attempts. It does not count as a FAIL. It's just listed as a NO SHOW. I registered for the exam for April 2018 in an attempt to "force" myself and my world around me to get on the ball with preparation. Life got in the way and personal logistics didn't allow me to prepare (work, 3 year old, husband changing jobs which upended our routine, etc.). It happens. Thankfully, it's a forgiving process. Because exam authorizations have already been issued, you will not receive a refund unfortunately. ETA: I wrote an email to the Board representative and told him that I wouldn't be able to sit for the exam. He just said "Thank you for letting us know." That was it.
  8. This is solid advice. Thank you. I'll think through the best approach to take.
  9. Breadth I am comfortable with: Project planning (scheduling and EVM. I could brush up on steel takeoffs though. They rattle me a bit), soil mechanics, hydraulics and hydrology, and site development. I could use some work with: Structural, and continuous practice with geometrics (I sometimes have a hard time jumping right in. I take too long to figure out what I need to do or I jump right in and solve for a bunch of stuff that the problem didn't ask for - waste of time). I think I could use some more practice with soil classification. Once I get started, it's simple but again, I struggle with remembering where to start. I need to review it. Depth Comfortable with: equipment productivity, scheduling, welding/bolting, cranes. I could use some work with: Benefit/Cost analysis. Once again, I take too long with strategizing on how to solve. I get flustered and move on. Then I get frustrated with the feeling of leaving an "easy" question on the table. I definitely need to watch the video on shoring/re-shoring again. I get the logic but I am having a hard time doing the math. I really want to ace those problems. I could use some practice with mass haul diagram/free haul problems. This is so helpful. I think "out loud" and I just needed a sounding board.
  10. @Will.I.Am and @Wow! is it that obvious that I'm freaking out? 😂 I'm overanalyzing the work and my emotions. I want to chill out but I'm afraid of forgetting everything. I thought about it after writing this post and I realized the common-sense answer. I'll review the sections that I got wrong.
  11. 19 days left. I'm completing 6MS problems in about 8-9 minutes. I'm scoring about 60% on the Indranil Goswami practice exams. I'm scoring about 80% on the NCEES Civil Construction practice exams. What can I do to improve? I know the Goswami exams are harder. Should I be concerned? Should I study the Goswami solutions? Should I spend my time reworking EET practice exams instead? Where is my time best spent? I need help focusing my effort.
  12. Thank you. I’m still pushing forward. Reviewing sections, reworking exercise problems, building confidence, taking timed exams every weekend, and making sure I’ve internalized concepts. I’m about 250+ hours in. When I feel like I’m hitting a mental block, I usually take a short break to allow time for me to absorb information before pressing forward. It’s exhausting but if I keep it up, hopefully it will pay off.
  13. I just bought some dividers so that I could sort through my solved practice problems by section and put them in their own binder. There were times when I'm sitting there looking at a problem and I can imagine that I completed a problem that looked just like it but I couldn't locate it right away. So I know this resource will come in handy.
  14. I'm bumping this topic. I'm practicing with EET exams, Six Minute Solutions, and Goswami's practice exams. I am struggling to finish most of the 6MS problems in 6 minutes or less. I need to get faster. Any tips on gaining speed? I'm practicing as many problems as possible and trying to retain information at the same time (that's also the hard part).
  15. What a coincidence! I just finished this section and I got the right answer so I don’t think there’s an error. What is your overall duration? Let’s start there.
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