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  1. I'm 100 hours into my studying and I wander between feeling like I'm on target or ahead of schedule and feeling completely hopeless. I think the latter is just a side effect of overall exhaustion. I really push it at night when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. Gotta stay positive!
  2. Solid advice. I'm following this advice now and I'm ahead of schedule. It helps because life keeps getting in the way. Also, when I hit a snag with a particular subject, I'm not panicking to rush through it. I can take a little extra time to watch that part of the video again to truly understand the concept.
  3. I'm in the middle of studying this now and I think I can give some sort of input to your first question. Rankine Active Pressure Coefficient, Ka=(1-sin (angle of internal friction))/(1+sin (angle of internal friction)) total stress = Ka*moist unit weight*height from ground surface to point of interest moist unit weight= [(degree of saturation*void ratio+specific gravity)* unit weight of water]/(1 + void ratio) water content = (degree of saturation*void ratio)/specific gravity This looks so much better with the actual symbols but this is the connection that stood out to me. ETA: So it seems that the pressure exerted by the water is part of the stress put on the soil particles which adds to the overall active pressure on a particular barrier like a retaining wall or on some other object.
  4. Spending my holiday weekend studying for 6-9 hours a day. I'm drawing out flow charts for soil classification and drawing them (and re-drawing one of them after finding flaws) in ink. I went back to study Project Planning and Estimating and saw that I had a lot of hand written notes in pencil. I'll go over my notes with a highlighter next week and I'm going to photocopy my practice problems. It's not as bad as I thought but it's extensive enough and thankfully I asked the question and I'm catching it early. Thanks for the input everyone! Hopefully this will help someone else.
  5. I'm the kind of person who acts sketchy while focusing on not acting sketchy. It's like the "don't push the red button" complex. The more I focus on not doing something, I become super focused on it. lol As I get more comfortable with the material, I'll move into working the practice tests like I'm sitting for the real exam.
  6. @Fisherman504 Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed.
  7. I'm taking the EET prep course for Civil Breadth and Construction Depth. I'm into week 3 of the on-demand course and I started tabbing pages. I have a couple of basic questions: 1. I scribbled some notes here and there in pencil. I'm thinking about tracing over them in ink so that I don't get in trouble with the proctors. Is that really overthinking it? Do you have pointers for this? Did you carry ink written solved problems into the exam? I'm not clear on the expectation. 2. Quick reference sheets. Did you write up your cheat sheet in ink? 4. What are the "the proctor might look at you suspiciously" red flags? The things that they don't write in the NCEES exam handbook but people get in trouble for? I know about the fit bit thing. Any others?
  8. I was here a week ago asking for advice for managing the kid while studying for the PE. Husband has stepped up tremendously. As a mom, you think you need to figure out how to balance everything. Sometimes, you just can't... Thanks for the reality check guys
  9. You should write to NCEES and ask them. They probably have more information to give you.
  10. It's Friday so I had two breakfasts (sort of)... I had my standard oatmeal and boiled egg at home with orange juice...AND THEN, I walked into my beautiful, savory smelling office suite to the smell of toasted everything bagels. One of my consultants brings in fresh baked bagels every Friday with lox cream cheese. The cream cheese to bagel ratio is a little off when I'm done smearing it on but it's so worth it.
  11. Previous companies that I've worked for offered an incentive bonus for obtaining your PE, PMP, and in one case, the CCM. Depending on the company and the type of work, the PMP was worth more than the PE. We did not specialize in design though. I'm guessing that if you are in a design firm and you obtain your PE, the company isn't likely to reward you for it because you don't applaud a fish for swimming.
  12. lol for some reason, she is not into Toy Story. She prefers to sit on the floor flipping through the CERM and trying to read it. She also drags her library books in too...but she's 4 so she reads out loud. That's when I just take a break from studying and just listen to the videos with headphones. I'm happy that she wants to read along with me but I'm a little frustrated because I really need total silence.
  13. Don't know if this fits here but any pointers on entertaining a 4-year old with something constructive when you're forced to do some of your PE studying in the same house with your child?
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