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  1. I actually attended a Greenbuild adjacent event. I was awarded a 40 Under 40 award in Building, Design and Construction. I flew into Chicago for the awards ceremony and then I was on the first flight out at 5 AM the next day. I had too many client meetings and obligations back home so I couldn't stay. Did you attend? From the pictures on linkedin, it looked pretty interesting!
  2. Hi! I'm late and haven't logged in for a while but I specifically logged in to see if you passed. I was pulling for you! Congratulations! :)
  3. I went to an ASP/CSP prep course at one point when I was working as an EOSH Specialist. But in the middle of the week long training, I got a job offer for the job I have now so I didn't sit for the exam. It looks like it's pretty intense. I wish I had more to add. Good luck! BTW, I attended the training that's provided through ASSE.
  4. I think you brought up some good points here. So there is an even longer play with getting an MS in Engr. One could decide to get a PhD as well and eventually ride off into the sunset as a tenured professor. My goal is teach Construction Management towards the end of my career and during retirement, however, I only wish to teach it in a practical setting like at a community college versus a 4-year university. However, I've looked at both, and in order to teach at a university, one must complete a PhD. A pre-requisite from most PhD programs is a MS degree. So there is some value for use in the future should you pursue a path in education.
  5. I have a civil engineering degree. I chose to get an MBA in lieu of a MS in engineering and it has been very rewarding, career wise. I haven't sat for the PE but I will say that getting my MBA was the most enjoyable thing I've done so far in my career pursuits. After a long day of work on a construction site, it was refreshing to just sit in class and talk. Accounting and finance were fun compared to engineering math. I also have a PMP and a CCM and most employers care more about my PMP and bachelors degree than an MS in engineering. However, when I'm done with the PE and when things calm down in my personal life, I would like to get an MS in CE - Materials Sciences because it's a cool subject. I don't really care to use the MS. I just want to go back to school at some point because why not.
  6. Thank you. I'm on the east coast too. I'm contemplating studying 3 hours a night M-F (8pm - 11pmish) and using the time to practice problems and review the on-demand videos as needed. I would like to designate Sundays as video instruction day to start off the week for covering the designated topic. Not sure how realistic this is but it's worth a try.
  7. How long did you study during the week? I'm trying to most manageable number of hours to dedicate to M-F study.
  8. Well I'm glad it worked out for you. Congratulations on passing the exam!
  9. I'm currently working as an RE as well (consultant firm) for a state government and the experience I'm getting here is so different than when I worked as a Project Engineer for a CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) firm. I manage architectural renovations, new construction, road improvements, electrical, mechanical improvement projects, and FLS (fire life safety) projects. My projects are typically pretty short so I have to take in a lot of information about the intent of the design, site conditions, and the Contractor's schedule and budget as quickly as possible to solve problems quickly. When I was working as a Project Engineer on large scale projects, I wasn't required to understand the design too much. Instead, I just managed the contractors and pushed around the paper (RFIs, submittals, etc). I'm not saying the exam will be easy or harder for me but I think that my job as an RE has definitely given me more real world experience.
  10. I registered for the on-line SOP modules. It included videos that varied in length (30 minutes to 3 hours long) and covered each area (e.g. Time, Cost, Quality Management, Safety, etc.). At the end of each module, I was offered a practice exam that was very similar to the actual exam. The questions were not the same but the level of difficulty was similar as well as the layout. All through the module, there were learning checks (short quizzes) as well. I went through all of them like 2 weeks before I sat for the exam and passed. This is the only practice exam that I know of. The cost was around $800 or $1100 I think but my company is a mega member and I didn't have to pay for the modules. I just entered a code and I got them for free. If you can't do this, then yes, you will need to read everything in the kit and study. I don't think there are any free practice exams.
  11. Hi! Yes, I'm sitting for Construction in the afternoon. I'm going to push it off until October due to life getting in the way right now but I plan to do some preparation around the Spring time.
  12. civilrobot

    MD is out!!!!

    All of this is quality information. I was so confused about the display and access of information when I had several people sign off on my application documents. Some had PE cards, some had to look up their number, some had digital stamps only. I had no idea that the tokens of representation differed so vastly. Also, I never knew there was a ceremony in MD. That's pretty cool! Something to hope for and look forward to!
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