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  1. lol yep! listening to Luigi Boccherini's Flute Quintet No. 6 right now... Lizzo plays the flute also so that's pretty dope.
  2. So this is the approach I've decided on. I started studying a few weeks ago, taking breaks when I need to and not sitting for too long. But when I am sitting down to study, I'm only doing problems. At first I made this complicated matrix of a schedule of how to cover all of the topics. I scrapped that. I'm just working through my EET binder and doing all of the problems. When I'm done, I'll start over, and then I'll add other problems in with it. I'll just keep repeating problems over and over again. The good thing about the way I studied last time is that I actually learned many of the concepts. I'm finding a few gaps here and there and filling them in. And like one of my peeps in here mentioned, I'm making a note of the steps that I struggle on, writing down exactly what I need to do as if someone is talking to me. It's helping me to keep my eyes open for the tricks. So yeah, this is my approach now. Thanks for the input guys!
  3. oh thank goodness. yay! lol
  4. I passed 1,000 posts and missed it. I just know that my 1,000th post was something silly. Couldn't be anything profound like "if you manipulate the pressure on a given mat foundation, what are the impacts to the surrounding soil stability?" No. It's probably about socks or food or something.
  5. yeah I know that game. it's important to identify a new goal. running me now is no where near the running me from 10 years ago. my goal is to finish the distance. when I run in races, my goal is to finish safely and challenge myself with new challenges.
  6. Garden salad with blue cheese crumble and grilled chicken.
  7. PMI (Project Management Institute) - I'm a PMP and I like the resources (e.g. webinars, books) AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives) - I do executive stuff at airports. CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) - I have a CCM. This org also helps me to maintain my credential and to stay on top of cool innovations in construction. WTS (Women's Transportation Seminar) - I love the community work we do to introduce young women to transportation engineering.
  8. @LyceeFruit PE (a million days later) I found my headlamp. It's a Petzl
  9. went on a site walk and now i'm wiped out. I've started 3 emails and I just need to finish them... then I can go home.
  10. little bot is back in school. husband is home sick. I am managing to remain unscathed.
  11. hi! I don't know the brand that I use. I know it has a multi-strobe capability that I love. When I'm out before sunrise, I use the most obnoxious strobe when I'm running on the road. If I'm on a trail, and I genuinely just need to see, I use the high beam. I'll take a look when I get home. I've had it for years.
  12. i'm the yeah, i'm dealing with this on the client side.
  13. lol like my onedrive docs. I drive myself crazy trying to figure out my wonky logic to find old docs.
  14. let's say there's something due by Friday. we need to coordinate with other offices and meet to figure out how to get the deliverable together. some of the older employees are still doing that thing where they say "I haven't sat down to check email yet". by the time they get caught up with what's being asked, some of the younger folks have sent texts, chatted about it, started sending their docs to the main POC and then we have a finished product like 2 days before it's due. meanwhile... one day after it's due, some of the older folks are just getting around to sitting down to talk about it.
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