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  1. We're using MS teams and I always turn off the camera and mute my mic. I try to get up at a usual go-to-work hour (6-7 AM), workout, shower, get dressed and then hop on line while having breakfast. I'm definitely busier than if I was in the office. It seems like people are more likely to schedule meetings back to back because there isn't any travel time to and from meetings. So I hardly ever get a break! Just click on a link, sit there for an hour, hang up, click on another link...for 6-7 hours.
  2. I don't know about anybody else but I'm enjoying this whole work from home thing. Happy hour starts at 5:30 PM everyday. I don't have to wear shoes. It's great!
  3. I race my daughter everyday for a 1/4 mile after our afternoon walks. She beats me every time because the hill leading up to our cul de sac is at like a 1:2 slope. Super steep and she has that brand new 5 year old energy at 2 in the afternoon. lol
  4. Same. I used to do that. But then I was like "ok, but why?"...after my then fiancé (now husband) wouldn't talk to me after a icy rainy 3 mile run in the dark in preparation for the little rock half marathon. I also vowed not to race in March because of this exact same occurrence. March race = Winter cold training = ew!
  5. spin and arm strengthening this morning morning workouts are my fave. I wanted to run outside this morning but I didn't feel like psyching myself up for a 32 degree run.
  6. For folks working out at home, Peloton has a 90 day free trial. It's more than just spin. They have cardio, strength (body weight strength and weights), walking, and running classes. You can access it through the app.
  7. Keeping up with that peloton life. Spin and strength classes will sustain me.
  8. Mr. Civilrobot and I are both WFH while the kiddo is hanging around so we've decided to try to stay to her normal school routine as much as possible. Breakfast Reading Journaling Language Arts (School sent home some assignments. I also have some workbooks) Lunch Recess (A walk or playtime - I'm actually going out with her and jumping rope, running around, etc. It's pretty fun!) Quiet time Math Science (weather journal and crystal experiments from school)/Music (She practices violin)/Art (Painting)/Physical Ed (Ride her bike/scooter) Snack What are you doing to keep your kids busy or engaged during this COVID-19 shutdown? I could use some pointers should this routine fall off for some reason.
  9. We had pizza and apple pie for dinner!
  10. About to start playing Frozen 2. I’m looking forward to a quiet afternoon.
  11. It’s ok. I really could use more time to restore myself (mind and body) so I’m actually relieved. I’ll continue to study though. I was starting to panic about how much time I had left.
  12. Well, looks like I’m free on April 5th. My ten miler was cancelled.
  13. I sent out the WFH guidance today after some strong debating over who was considered essential vs non essential. I'm just glad I didn’t get a bunch of questions after I hit send. Either it was very clear or no one cared because they already left for the day lol
  14. Usually not very stressful at all. It was pretty stressful today though. I’m responsible for keeping a workforce of 400+ working on programs (requirements through construction) so I had to create policies, procedures and workflows that didn’t exist before.
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