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  1. I'm registered for EET and I have all of my books and some. I'm trying to map out my video schedule around sleep, work, and family obligations (I'm married and I have a very young child). So this is it. I'm diving in. It's taken me over a year to prepare. I even changed jobs so that I could get the time and flexibility to study for this exam (there were other reasons too).
  2. I went through something similar with the PMP. I sat for it twice without really preparing the way I should. I was too stressed out, focused on the pressure to pass rather than relaxing and just studying the information. @john813 makes a good point. It actually served me well to walk away, do something else for a few years and then come back when I was in a different mental space. My motivation was different and I was more mentally mature about the whole thing. I'm sure there's a better way to put this, but I felt like the time away fixed me and sharpened my perspective. It might work for you too @Failed_Thermal&Fluids_4x
  3. There are other ways to expand your knowledge and your career. Look into getting a Master's degree. I'm finding that some of the people working to obtain their MS in their desired field are mixing in PE prep and doing really well since they are diving into the details in their academic program. You can also look into non-engineer related certificate programs like the PMP and Six Sigma. These may be helpful to you as well. Good luck with your future plans. Don't be so hard on yourself. There are many roads to Rome and what works for one may not work for you.
  4. Well there's still value in sitting down and facing the exam. You know what to expect now.
  5. I never thought about it like that before. Thank you so much for this great advice. I'm heading over to the site now and I'm going to take another look at my study schedule.
  6. How did you do on the practice exams? Were you showing weaknesses in any particular areas when you practiced?
  7. I've watched Beyoncé's Homecoming about 4 times now. I've moved on to Season 2 of She's Gotta Have It. I fell in love with the movie when I was very young. Spike Lee productions just give me this warm and fuzzy feeling.
  8. Thank you so much and Congratulations!!
  9. Did you use any of the NCEES Construction Depth references? I'm about to purchase all of them (approximately $900 worth). Even if I don't use them, I still want them. Just curious if you used them during the exam.
  10. @MikeNE and @wfrench Thank you for your review. I'm in the process of registering for the EET civil on-demand breadth and construction depth. This is reassuring.
  11. Congratulations and thank you. I'm planning to take the EET course. I'm waiting on approval from our department for my office to finance the class. If I can take it for free, then I'll wait it out to start. I want to start in July at the latest.
  12. @ruggercsc you are always there to talk me down from this ledge. I end up at this point like clockwork, panicking. Thank you for always being consistent. You probably see this sentence as a small and inconsequential opinion, but to me it's reassuring motivation. Thank you. I've been living and breathing CM and Project Management for over 16 years so I know it's the best fit. It's a little scary when you see these results though. I've met a number of engineers who are true Mechanical or Electrical Engineers who stumble into CM as a career path and these are the folks who are probably sitting for the exam. I need to remember that.
  13. I've been watching it pretty closely and you're right, it does. I thought the numbers seemed low because it's relatively new compared to the other disciplines. I was hoping for a progressive upswing.
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