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  1. Happy Test Month

    You are my hero. Awesome!
  2. Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

    My application was accepted to sit for the CCM exam. My company has a platinum corporate membership so we have access to the SOP videos, slides, and practice exams. Check to see if your company has a corporate membership. I'm watching the videos now and taking notes. I plan to read through the CMAA Capstone Practice and Procedures document. Hopefully between that, experience, and the videos, I should be more than prepared.
  3. Thanks for the sanity check.
  4. CE PE - 20+ years after graduating

    Great question. I graduated over 10 years ago and I, thankfully, work in construction so I am exposed to a little bit of everything in CE in my everyday life. But I haven't sat down to do math problems in forever. I have the Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering Exam book and I'm going to jump right in and start doing problems just to get familiar with the work again. I plan to take EET CE Breadth and Depth courses to prepare for the exam. I'm interested in seeing what works for you. Good luck!
  5. I started submitting my paperwork to the licensing office to apply for the PE exam. I received a phone call from the licensing office and the lady encouraged me to sit for the FE exam and now I'm worried. In my state, we have several options when applying to sit for the exam. One is the traditional option (i.e. ABET accredited degree, 4 years experience, EIT). Another option is 12 years of work experience where a number of years may be subsituted with time spent earning an ABET accredited degree. That's the option I chose. Why? Because if I am given the option to study for one exam instead of two, I'm going to take it. I'm married with a toddler so my time is precious. Also, I don't have any interest in relearning material that I haven't seen in almost 15 years. It makes more sense to study material that I am very familiar with due to my line of work. I spoke with a colleague who just passed the PE in April (EE Power) and he is going to take the FE exam in order to get reciprocity in some additional states. Do you see any benefit in taking the FE exam after getting the PE for Civil - Construction? If I'm so fortunate to pass, I would like to get reciprocity in VA, PA, FL, and NY.
  6. PMP Exam Prep

    I studied for the PMP on my own twice and failed twice. I didn't commit myself and tried to take it based on real world experience. As many others have said, the test is not based on real world experience. It's based on studying the material and choosing the best answer. I took a prep course with Project Management Academy and it was the best. I was working with a colleague who is a PE and a PMP. He just showed up in September and said "yeah, I took the PMP exam last Friday and I passed. I used Project Management Academy to prepare." I signed up, took the class and passed in December 2015 and this was after 8 years of not reviewing any of the material. It was a really good decision and I'm glad I did it. My company reimbursed me for the study materials, the test, and the prep course. I moved on to another company 4 months later and had to pay it back but I received a $22,000 increase in salary with the new company because of my PMP so it was worth it. Now I'm applying for the PE and to be honest, I'm getting it to move up to executive management and to sign off on large contracts. We don't do design work here. It's just icing on the cake but I really want that icing.
  7. Civil: Construction PE Hopeful

    The PMP allows you to work at the management level overseeing technical projects (as an engineer). It also helps to qualify you for management level positions outside of engineering. It's a serious salary booster too.
  8. I'm glad I read this before getting a signature on one of my former experience forms. I interned for the last 17 months of my senior year of a 4.5 year college program. I will save myself the headache and adjust the time that I'm claiming right now.
  9. I, too, have a husband and a two year old. I train for races and usually, I just leave work a little early to get in a workout before daycare pickup-commute-dinner-cleaning-bed. I don't think this same routine will work if I replace workout time with study time. I really like the idea of waking up before the house wakes up. It is the only time that everything is still and quiet and your brain isn't distracted yet. Thank you for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!
  10. I'm just starting out on my journey to pass the PE exam. I have a BSCE and MBA and I'm a project manager with a construction management firm and I've already acquired my PMP. I'm working on getting my Certified Construction Manager (CCM) credential this year and at the end of the summer, start to seriously study for the PE exam. I've been fortunate enough over the past two days to buy the CE Construction Bundle from someone who just passed the April exam and inherit some great breadth practice exams. I'm shooting for October 2018 due to balancing career priorities with my husband.