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  1. i'm so sorry. can they get her out?!!
  2. I do more writing than anything else in this job... oh wait! i sit in meetings... like the one i'm late for.
  3. not today. come back tomorrow.....and bring cookies!
  4. the best experience you could ever get. the person who motivated me to sit for the PE is (now) an electrical engineer. we met when he was in the throes of the "wait" for his results. anyway, he is a licensed electrician who worked in the field for several years. he was the best engineer I ever had the pleasure of working with. he could design, troubleshoot, and he instantly understood the installation challenges that came with a bad design. ETA: More importantly, he could explain the complexities of electrical design and troubleshooting to me...and I totally understood it. That's no small feat. He prepared me to have some critical and complicated conversations with stakeholders. I'm forever grateful.
  5. Also, I keep thinking today is Wednesday so there's that.
  6. My week is picking up. I'm sitting in conference rooms with dead zones so I can't get a signal on my phone. We're getting closer to release day. 😒
  7. now I want pho for lunch tomorrow. I have a meeting at 1 and the restaurants open at 11. I need to move expeditiously.
  8. that's fine. I thought it just said Murder. lol
  9. the golf. green jackets and all that. Augusta.
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