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  1. Well if someone from Texas would post their scaled score 68-69% (xx/80) that would be one way to determine the likely cut score. However, I can understand those that choose to not post their scores.
  2. I did a lot of practice problems. Every practice problem I could get my hands on: Complex Imaginary, Graffeo, EngrProGuides, SpinUp, NCEES, PPI. While a majority of the problems available are not on the difficulty level of the actual exam questions, they helped me get comfortable with my references and binder of self-made notes. Also, I focused my studies on Power System Analysis and Protection as those were my weak subject areas. Anyways, good luck to all that will be taking it in October 2019. I've taken this exam too many times, and felt absolutely deflated and my confidence was at an all time low last time I received my results showing the big red button. My advice is to not give up, take two to three weeks off to refresh your mental being, and start back at it again. After multiple fail attempts, I was luckily enough to pass this go around after better preparation.
  3. Keep at it; I had the same score last October and felt deflated after I received my results. You'll get it eventually! Good luck to you.
  4. OMG!!!! I passed! Electrical: Power PE
  5. OMG!!!! I passed! Alabama results are in. Good luck everyone!
  6. I work in the consulting industry for a reputable nationwide A/E firm so I'm expected to pass and obtain PE. The company I work for, a PE is pretty much a requirement to move up the corporate ladder. Without it, I'll be slaving and doing production work with a decent salary for the entirety of my career whereas with a PE plus a couple more years of experience, I could perhaps slide into more of a management / leadership type role.
  7. Thanks for the info! I'll keep it in my back pocket just in case. Still have one one more try in my state. Hopefully, we'll get good results in 6 weeks. I will remain positive, but it is very difficult especially when you start recalling some of the problems and then doubting the answer choices that were made during the exam.
  8. Wow, good luck to you! I hope you pass this go around. Which state have you taken it in if you don't mind me asking? I was under the impression that you are only limited to 3 or 4 attempts in most states. Are there some states that allow multiple (more than 4 tries)? If so, I may need a list of those states just in case it doesn't work out for me in my home state. I felt like like there were way more battery questions on this cycle than previous ones I was expecting one question on the topic but there were multiple.
  9. Three days after taking this exam. What are everyone's thoughts on it? I took it again after a 1.5 year hiatus and while I expected the increase in Protection type questions due to the change in the specifications since my last attempt; there were some questions in the PM section that left me scratching my head. Never seen those type of problems before in my previous attempts or during my studying using the usual references and study guides (Graffeo, Wildi, NCEES, etc.) Overall, I think the AM went fairly well, however PM portion definitely kicked my butt. I may have guess on ~10-12 questions in the PM. I felt pretty prepared coming into the exam (3rd time taking the test) and probably spent 300 - 400 hours studying in the last 4 months. Anyways, not sure what to expect from my results. I hope my performance during the AM session will be my saving grace; here's hoping for the best.
  10. 16 practice exams? Is there even 16 practice exams available in the market to purchase? Or did you do some practice exams multiple times? Anyways, good luck!!!
  11. The NCEES practice exams are copyright material; I don't think you will find any willing participant on this board to post the problems for you word-for-word. Your best bet is to purchase a new copy for $39.95 or find a co-worker / friend to scan the new problems for you. Good luck on the exam on Friday!
  12. I failed the Power Exam (second try). I am considering taking the Electrical and Electronics Exam. Good idea? The Pass rate seems to be significantly higher (~81% pass rate) than the Power Exam (66% pass rate) for first time takers. I have been researching and it seems that study material for the Electronics exam is rather limited when compared to the Power material. Any advice on where to look for resources / references, online course for the Electronics exam?
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