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  1. bigirishman

    Got Ink?

    In my experience (and as someone with some ink), tattoos are like all preferences... People that like them can't really communicate why they like them, and people that don't like them will never understand anyway. Neither side is correct, taste is personal and subjective. That said, if you're going to compare yourself to a ferrari with a bumper sticker all I can say is congrats for having one hell of a self esteem. Then again, the Rock seems to be cool with his bumper stickers...
  2. bigirishman

    Problem 125 from NCEES practice exam

    Looks like it's a polar moment of inertia calc. So for three bolts your polar moment of inertia for the bolt group is 2 x s^2= 2 x (6^2). If you had 4 bolts it would be 2 x ((0.5s)^2+(1.5s)^2) and for 5 bolts its 2 x (s^2+(2s)^2), with "s" being the spacing of the bolts. If the bolts spacing varies you need to sum the "d^2" terms, with "d" being the distance to the group centroid.
  3. bigirishman

    Results From October SE?

    Not trolling, just got results (previously passed the vert): Take EET, it's worth it's weight in GOLD!
  4. bigirishman

    Load Percentage

    Sorry, didn't recheck the forum. The original design had a single rod with each floor (and therefore each nut) supporting the weight of 1 floor. By offsetting the rod connecting the lower floor, the upper floor now supports both the lower and upper floor weight. So the nut in question (and the floorbeam) now has to support both floors, and was not resized for the additional forces.
  5. bigirishman

    Load Percentage

    Looks like a case study of the Hyatt Regency Collapse. Load on the nut doubles with the offset.