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  1. I have May 9th thru 17th highlighted on my calendar. Because you know....I was worried I would forget that the results will probably come in during that period.
  2. Those are all CBT so you can register anytime for those exams. When I log into NCEES it looks the same. I'm unable to register for pencil/paper exams but can register for CBT.
  3. I work with people who can find things faster in the codebook than I can in the handbook. They have 15+ yrs experience on me but still.
  4. haha, I feel like I'm already starting to freak out. I need a vacation stat!!! It's been extremely difficult to get back in the grove at work. I have so many deadlines but I just can't focus!
  5. Thanks for confirming my gut feeling
  6. It was just a joke. I got mine this morning also. Don't read anything into it. Just fill it out and keep waiting like everyone else for that result notice email.
  7. Once the exam proctor started reading the rules no one was allowed to enter the room. We started at 7:57am.
  8. My brother's girlfriends uncle said that surveys wouldn't be sent out this test cycle.
  9. If I recall correctly they won't start one until WAY closer to result release time.
  10. At my testing site around 7:35am a guy got up from his seat and went to the front of the room to talk to the proctors, then walked out of the room. As time was getting closer to the start time she said " I really hope he makes it back." So at that point we ask her where he went. She said "he left his calculator at his apartment. He went to go get it and he said he would make it back in time." There was a huge sigh in the room. We only had 50 people in the room we were in and probably half of us had an extra calculator that we would have let him borrow. Not only did he not make it back in time, he also was not allowed back in the room to get his references until the exam was over that evening.
  11. On the evening of December 5th I took that pencil out onto my driveway and took a hammer to it. Sorry!!!!!
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