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  1. I was able to get a copy. Thank you so much @Zach Stone, P.E.. I don't get excited about studying but as a repeat test taker I'm pretty stoked to have some new problems to work. Thanks for taking the time to create this!
  2. So I've taken the FE (pre CBT) and PE several times. There was only one time that I was at a location other than the McKimmon Center at the University. I think it depends on how many people register for the test vs how many this location can accommodate. The one time that it wasn't at the McKimmon center I had to cancel my hotel reservation near NC State. The other location was actually at a hotel so I booked a room there. I just looked at my registration history and I couldn't find the exact location. Sorry. It just says North Carolina Raleigh Area - Site 2 I really liked having the exam in a hotel conference room. It made that morning much more relaxed. You could always chat with one of the NCEES reps and ask them when they know if there are going to be multiple testing locations. I would assume it wouldn't be until after the registration deadline.
  3. I'm throwin' the towel in! I'm done! I can't do this anymore!
  4. NC out 05/13 @ 3:56pm
  5. It looks like they've only started to update. Only a few have been added but there are definitely license numbers assigned that weren't there last week.
  6. So if I do a license lookup on it looks like they have added new license numbers for states that haven't even officially released yet. Before today the license number was 048626. Found license numbers for people in FL, KS and AZ. Couldn't find my name though
  7. OH EEMMM GEEEEE what is taking NC so long!!?!??!?!?
  8. We shouldn't post in the Results Map thread. @RBHeadge PE has to look through every post to find the legit states that have released in order to update his release map. I'm sure he's at work and us freaking out is taking up a lot of his time. The 'Welcome to the suck' thread is still getting a lot of traffic, or maybe another thread could be started titled 'ooohhhh the agony of the wait! '
  9. I think sometimes right before they release the 'date taken' on your dashboard will go from 'April 05, 2019' to 'April 2019.' I'm not 100% positive on that though. Maybe @RBHeadge PE can confirm
  10. You might need to add a magenta or neon orange, something super annoying. NC over here and is about to lose her sh$t!!!!!! I'm freakin' out!!!!!
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