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  1. Texas Results

    First time and I passed. Thanks GOD. Congrats to all those who passed.
  2. Texas Results

    Where is this information posted? EDIT: Nevermind I found it. :smileyballs:
  3. FE Oct.2008 Results

  4. Civil PE - October 2008

    1. Was this your first time taking the exam? Yes. 2. What did you think of the morning? I thought it was pretty straight forward. Although some of the geotech questions tripped me up. 3. What depth did you take and how would you judge the difficulty? Transportation. I thought it was pretty easy. 4. Do you think you passed? God I hope so. Does anyone know approximately when the exam results are posted?
  5. Where are these states rules posted? I'm in Texas and the only rules I can find are the NCEES rules.
  6. Road Map for References

    Thanks for the info. What information comes from the ITE Traffic Engineering Handbook?
  7. Geometric Design

    I'm actually pretty shocked that traffic isn't covered in the morning.
  8. Roll Call for October 2008

    Civil w/ Trans depth.
  9. AASHTO Roadside Design Guide

    I have the 2002 version of the book. Is it worth buying the new version just for the test?
  10. I read that too but I would not chance it.

    I have the 2001 version of the AASHTO Green Book. Are there any significant changes between the latest version and this version?