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  1. cuatona1: I have the 6-minute solutions construction depth (Elaine Huang) and the construction depth practice exams (Beth Lin Hartmann, 2ed). They are brand new, I was not able to do these problems due to time. Both are very good resources. Let me know if you are still interested to give an offer. Thanks.

    PE passers by age.

    Passed PE at 43. FE at 28. BSCE 1995 MS 2001
  3. I took EET for both breadth and Construction depth. Million thanks to EET. The course really helped me to pass the April 2017 PE Exam. In all honesty it helped me a lot for breadth and a lot for depth. For structural part there was a 3D complex problem on the exam and we exactly did that one in the structural portion of the EET structural review. Same for the other ones on the exam, I believe we did similar problems as the ones presented on the exam, no quite the same, but enough to figure them out on the exam. I know the test this time was structural heavy but found them very doable with the EET review. I did very well in the morning. For geotech, water and construction is extremely good. I took construction depth and the EET construction problems in the morning are similar to the ones on the exam, you can even solve depth problems with the morning information they present in construction. For construction depth, I can tell you Samir is great. He makes the class interesting, challenging and is actually a pleasure to see him teach. In addition if you give him your opinions and experience, he does research about your questions and sends you more information about that topic. His course helped me pass this exam, in spite of having a personal problem 2.5 weeks before the exam- no study at all the last 2 weeks- I was able to pass because the help of this course. Overall this time the exam was difficult and with very unusual questions but I have to thank EET a lot for my success. Samir is simply the best I have seen teaching construction depth. I highly recommend this course, it helped me to pass the exam 20 years after being out of school. I still cannot believe it.
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