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  1. I was unaware of the limited use of resources available for the exam. Honestly with the construction depth and how the board makes up problems I'm fine with this. I'm not a believer in an exam being 100% multiple choice and this is a good move by the board to eliminate engineers passing the exam who are just good test takers. Maybe the question format may also give real world examples as I have found some past exam questions to be very impractical.
  2. I am personally glad the board is making the PE Exam computer based and don't believe all the criticism by the exam prep companies. Here are the main reasons why I'm waiting until 2023 to take the Civil Construction Exam: -Will be able to take the exam more often during the year. Maximum of 4x a year but only allowed in 3 month increments. -Save $$ by not traveling so far to test sites. The exam will be more available throughout the state at testing centers say at local universities and community colleges. No more hotel stays. -Exam results will be available much faster, literally within 11 days of taking the exam. I'm glad the board is making this change and hope many of you feel the same way.
  3. Appreciate that response @civilrobot. I'm going to wait to take the computer based exam in a couple years. It will allow you to take the exam 4x within a year and I like the fact I won't have to spend more $$$ having to drive 3 hours to a testing site and purchase a hotel room for the night before.
  4. KOKOMO777 look into AACE certification. PMP again is multiple choice and all about memorizing the PMBOK.
  5. After 2 failed attempts with taking the PE Civil Construction exam, I'm reconsidering taking the exam ever again and am more likely going to strive after an AACE certification. I feel that the amount of PMP's out there has saturated the market and I don't fully support the direction NCEES is taking with the PE exam. I hold a civil engineering degree but am more focused on project controls/scheduling and don't see the PE as a good fit in my career. Has anyone had any experiences taking an AACE certification for either Earned Value Professional, Planning & Scheduling Professional, or Certified Cost Professional? I like the structure of their exam where it is all not just multiple choice but part essay and real life scenario, something that needs to be strongly suggested to the NCEES board to make it more practical to real life engineering. I'd much rather spend $300 toward an exam that actually values real life scenarios & not theoretical concepts.
  6. I find it pretty ridiculous for the board to put this reference on the construction depth exam, btw every site I have found it has it on backorder so good luck acquiring it. My company has all the 2009 ACI Manuals of Concrete Practice (6 volumes in all) and they have about 18 of the 22 specs called out. If I acquire the remaining 4 I should be in good shape right? The updated ACI spec's have marginal changes and based on everyone's opinion from the last exam this reference was hardly touched. I'm not going to keep spending money just to satisfy the board, for the board to throw out ACI 318 from the construction exam and replace it with this field manual is quite shocking to me.
  7. I would say after taking the construction emphasis and failing twice now, this depth is truly more about field experience than any other civil emphasis. As I am in project controls and felt like I would ace the scheduling portion, that wasn't enough to make me pass the test. Concepts such as estimating, site construction layout, material control, crane placement, etc. are more found when you are actually in that field and can't be studied. I also find this depth much more tricky due to less equations and more observation/hands on experience. I plan not to take construction again and will be considering either Water Resources or Transportation for the 3rd attempt. Of all the civil depth emphases, I've determined it doesn't matter how long you study construction for, it's more about how many hours are you in the actual field more than anything else. Water and Transportation are mostly equations or finding references from a design manual.
  8. I took the Construction Civil PE exam for the 2nd time (Oct. '17) and swore I aced it. I left so confident that I felt I would never be coming back. Much to my amazement I failed, I missed 14 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon. I really felt the construction exam was super easy and honestly I certainly don't feel like I missed the concepts, I feel more like I didn't understand the tricks. This test is very deceptive and it's frustrating that at one time the exam was much more straight-forward. The one aspect I learned from studying for this exam is, quantity and quality of hours devoted to studying doesn't mean a thing. This test is a combination of luck and knowing the tricks of what is being asked. I learned from this attempt don't leave feeling arrogant, and another one is I don't think it's very practical to say one can ace the breadth exam. I feel like I keep getting around 27-28/40 for the morning and that's the best I can get. I need to ace the afternoon, and it may be I need a different depth. I owe it to my family more than anything to take time away from studying. Hard to believe I aced civil engineering in college and have failed twice. Congrats on everyone who passed this time.
  9. Spot on jdayrail. I definitely think the board observed the low passing score with the construction depth in the past and made the October '17 much easier. I am about the same as you with being confident of about 60/80 and close on others.
  10. This was my 2nd time around taking the exam, first was last April. I truly felt the construction depth on this exam was very dumbed down compared to last April. Many problems from last April were more 2 to 3 step problems and majority of October depth were conceptual or 1 step problems. Talking with other disciplines it seemed the level of difficulty got harder, however certainly not construction. When I got through 30 problems with almost 2 hours remaining, I was asking myself, "is this really it?" Let's just say taking the EET class was the best thing I ever did for the exam. Samir's simulation exam was way more difficult than what the board put together for October 17 Construction. Good luck everyone.
  11. I just hope the board wakes up with some real questions for the next construction depth exam. Keep the exam civil engineering related and not for construction management majors, we all chose civil engineering over CM.
  12. I studied close to 250 hours for the exam and failed. It's a bit misleading to ask how many hours you put toward the exam, because I devoted most of my time to the breadth section and I got destroyed by the afternoon. Linderberg's CERM doesn't do justice covering construction hardly at all. Construction is an extremely broad topic and I felt that the board chose questions that were questionable on what was being asked. I mean to ask a question about <Deleted> is straight up bs to be asked on a civil engineering pe exam. <Deleted>, I'd really like to see an OSHA inspector come out on a job site and ask that question to a project manager. Give me a break.
  13. Really looking forward to taking the EET Construction Depth. I had no business taking the construction depth on the April 2017 exam, even after studying my buddies Testmasters and School of PE binders, they didn't prepare me hardly at all for the afternoon construction section. With not having good experience with surveying, estimating, crane analysis I really need a good preparatory class for the October exam. I froze up even on the production rate questions having not seen MH/ton or even knowing what a true Manhour is. I took a prep course in my hometown that covered jack for the afternoon section.
  14. Hey, does anyone on here have a copy of Nick Capachi's book Excavation & Grading Handbook? This seems to be the industry wide resource for learning surveying techniques using grade stakes, hubs, etc. Based on the last exam, there was 1 question that threw me off and I want to be able to master surveying for next exam. Thanks.
  15. schedengr

    EET Depth

    I have my buddies school of PE material. It explained a lot of information in a very digestible way. Ill stick with that material for next exam.
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