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  1. Apparently they used to alternate between ATL and Macon but more recently it's been solely at a shriner's temple in Macon. Sucks because 75% of the people that take it are from the ATL metro area, but I guess Macon needs a little tourism boost twice a year haha.
  2. Sitting back and watching @Atl_transportation slowly lose his mind from my office 20 feet away is quite entertaining
  3. RESULTS!!!!!!!! .......are still pending
  4. Georgia is on to us or they picked the perfect time to do maintenance work on the website lol
  5. I imagine Georgia will officially release their results tomorrow morning as they typically do on day 2. Until then happy refreshing pages every minute or so haha!
  6. FYI Georgia has started adding names to the license lookup page for today's day. If you go here: Then start with PE0439 in the license search ......... The numbers starting with PE043937 to PE043970 have all been added today via Examination
  7. Glad I got some people and not everyone noticed my bad photoshop of the 8. I passed last year so best of luck to everyone!
  8. Congrats to everyone else who passed. Big sigh of relief. If anyone is curious about their number, they’ve started posting them on the website You can type in PE04268 or PE4269 or PE0427 to see all that have been added so far. PE042682 - PE042725 have been posted so far.
  9. Congrats to those who passed. Didn't come out of the exam thinking I passed but had the small glimmer of hope I guessed right on a few. Failed with 50/80 so back to Macon in October for round 2.
  10. Only 58 were actually posted today though so I think the person adding names stepped away from doing it for a while. Just adding to the torture :/
  11. Did anybody sit in the back on the far right or have a Z name? .... we each had numbers for our seats so that should give an idea of how many people. I would have guessed around 250 from my memory but I was seat 17 haha
  12. Which discipline did each person take if your names been added?
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