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  1. timmer1026


    This is from a post from @ruggercsc on this forum and may help (Credit to @NYCProjectEngineer PE PMP for his write up below): Here is a list of action verbs you can use in your record to get you started: • Designed • Analyzed • Specified • Programmed • Planned • Evaluated • Problem Solved • Produced • Created • Implemented Some other design examples, notice how specific the examples are: • Performed troubleshooting on air handling unit during commissioning. • Calculated construction loads for scaffolding to be used for concrete placement. • Calculated the loading on new concrete foundations to verify it was acceptable to backfill and place construction equipment on top of the foundations. • Specified foundation detail requirements • Designed storm water drainage plans • Designed formwork for concrete. • Calculated equipment fleet productivity rates and scheduled project to optimize equipment and manpower resources. • Designed temporary excavations support systems. • Designed construction haul roads. • Design of rigging systems. • Design of crane safety and operation plans. • Design of storage and lay-down facilities. • Design and inspection of site drainage and sedimentation controls. Other engineering duties can include: • Inspection of construction to verify conformance with design documents. • Perform value engineering analyses • Perform constructability reviews; provide design input based on reviews to the engineer of record. • Perform materials testing (concrete, steel, soils) and generate reports of results for use during construction (i.e., took soil samples and performed standard proctor). • Design and optimization of construction project schedule • Review shop drawings and submittals • Review and answer Requests for Information (RFIs) • Generate engineering cost estimates • Perform engineering economic analyses of construction plant and generate findings (i.e., buy or lease analysis, amortization schedule, maintenance costs over life of equipment, etc). • Performed safety inspections to verify compliance with OSHA requirements. • Generated (or reviewed) safety plans to ensure engineering controls were properly implemented (i.e., shoring for excavation, steel erection plans, critical lift plans, rigging, noise/light control plans, etc). The key is to say what YOU did on the project. Do not say you “managed” other people doing the work; you have to have actually done the work to get credit for it. You need to properly and completely explain your design experience which, depending on your state, is required in conjunction with your general engineering experience.
  2. timmer1026


    @kmill23 CONGRATS!! I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree 15+ years ago and my experience has only been as a state regulator in the NPDES program, so I struggled in the air and solid waste portion of the exam. I'm so relieved to have finally passed that exam😅
  3. timmer1026

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    @Maryam I'm sorry, but don't give up! I took the exam several times too, so I know how you feel. I'd definitely take a review course or two within the 1 year time frame. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.
  4. timmer1026

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    3 remediation questions, lol... Yes, the air portion of the the ASCE course was excellent, definitely take it. Congrats on the marriage and wish you the best in October as well!
  5. timmer1026


    After finally passing the Environmental PE in October 2017 after several attempts, I'm curious, @samiam9005, did you pass without studying?
  6. timmer1026

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    Maryam, any news?
  7. timmer1026

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    @vee043324 and @squaretaper check out the link below https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/white-claw-hard-seltzer-best-life-contest-pay-you-travel-us
  8. timmer1026

    Guess the date!

  9. Yes, thanks PE Stamps and EB for the heads up last year! I received the $20 off coupon code in TN
  10. timmer1026

    Horse is to stable

  11. timmer1026

    Linked Words Game

    Drinking buddies
  12. timmer1026

    Horse is to stable

  13. I would take the Environmental Exam since your experience and degree is in environmental engineering. My coworker is also torn on which discipline to take since the Environmental Exam is transitioning to CBT next year. I don't think taking one over the other will affect the outcome of your career. Good luck!
  14. timmer1026

    When to take? Oct 18 vs Apr 19?

    If you’ve already purchased references for the Environmental Exam, I would take the October 2018 Exam. Print out the reference handbook provided by NCEES and use that as one of your references as well. That way, if you don’t pass in October, you’ll be familiar with the only reference you’re allowed to use for the April 2019 Exam. Good luck!
  15. timmer1026

    Other disciplines or Mechanical? I need input!

    Check the registration requirements in your state. In TN, you may request a waiver on the FE Exam if you have an undergraduate engineering degree from an ABET University and have "12 years of progressive engineering experience (without passage of the Fundamentals of Engineering examination)". You may need to submit a request of waiver form as part of the application for the PE Exam.