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  1. $1200 per kW? Not sure where you get that number from. Simple cycle gas turbine (and recips plants) are at that or slightly above. I did development and execution for a large utility on new CCGTs and we were around $850/kW on the large units (1 GW) and around $1000/kW on units half that size.
  2. The last two places I worked had medical/dental fully paid by the employer, excellent pension plans (which I'll never see since I left), and matching 401K up to 6%, Current employer, I pay about 5% of the premiums (come to about $150 per month for full family coverage), they give me 7% in a 401K and will match another 4%, (so I can total 15% in while my contribution is 4%).
  3. I'm neither Nuclear or Petroleum (I did work at a nuke plant as a mechanical systems engineer for almost 2 years though). My salary history for the last 7 years has been $57,600, $56,000, $70,000, $86,400, $98,100, $117,000. This is base salary at 6 different companies, no bonus, no OT (never got OT since I have always been exempt).
  4. It's too high, tell them you need a pay cut. But in all seriousness, that is probably about right for CE. If you were ME or EE, I would say too low for sure. For the record, I am an ME with 7 years exp, and make more than double that. I just got a 3% raise for obtaining PE.
  5. I tend to disagree with fed benefits being nice. I have been offered several fed jobs and have found the benefits to be much worse than what I can get in the private sector. The last three places I have worked all had insurance fully paid by the company, excellent pensions (which obviously I won't get since I bailed), very nice bonuses (15-25%), good vacation/holiday allowances, and plenty of promotion potential.
  6. Currently in Texas, but have lived/worked in PA and FL prior. Concentration is Mechanical and have worked in power generation for the last 5 years. I job hop every 1.5 to 2 years and typically look all over the US (though mostly concentrate one a few East coast states).
  7. Not bragging, just genuinely curious. As a habitual jobseeker, I have had a lot of offers over the years in various industries (power gen, university facilities/utilities, EPC firms, federal gov, public agencies, etc.) and all have been very strong offers. I don't feel like I am the exception either, I work with a lot of engineers that have had the same pay trajectory as I experienced. Maybe we have been lucky?
  8. What industries do you guys work in that you are nowhere near 6 figures? I surpassed 6 figures only 4 years after getting my degree if you include bonuses and made it past 6 figures in base salary alone 6 years after getting it.
  9. You are probably correct. 95% of my studying was doing NCEES practice exam questions. I kept cycling through them every few weeks until I could fly through most. At home I could do 40 questions in 2:00-2:30. On exam day I finished the morning in 2:45 and afternoon in 2:05. My Texas score is a 92 (not sure what that exactly means, but speculate based on some other posts that I got 6 or 7 wrong). I only used MERM and my thermodynamics book on exam day. I brought Crane 410, fan engineering handbook, fluids book, heat transfer book, and homemade excel steam tables, but never touched any of them du
  10. Not asking for one, but probably getting one. Should know in a week or two.
  11. For Mech (TFS): MERM, my university thermodynamics book, Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics (Moran/Shapiro), my university fluids book, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (Munson/Young), NCEES 2001, 2016 practice exams, Kaplan practice exam, six minutes solutions. During the exam I only used MERM and thermo book. In my opinion, six minute solutions and the Kaplan are a waste of time. I spent the most time doing NCEES practice problems. I finished the morning session in 2:45 and afternoon in just over 2:00 with a score of 92.
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