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  1. btkist

    April 2018 Results Map

    Missouri is out. Got the email at 12:10 PM CST. Don't want to look.
  2. I feel good. I thought the morning was an average difficulty, with a handful of tricky questions. I breezed through the afternoon portion, but there were 5/6 questions that I could not figure out or find a relevant section in the CERM, and ended up taking an attempt on them to hopefully eliminate some incorrect answers. Hopefully after their magic test grading method, I end up passing.
  3. btkist


    I've worn the F91W the previous two times I took the test (in Missouri) and have not had any issues with it being digital or the beep when the stop watch starts. I believe they are more worried if you have an alarm that goes off at 3:30 or something and beeps until you turn it off, which could be distracting to others.
  4. btkist

    EET Videos

    I'm taking the EET course currently. I missed the live webinar this past week and have been watching the videos. I found that there is a panel on the left side of Adobe Connect that has the slide changes as bookmarks.
  5. I thought this was a great idea and did something similar the last time I took the exam. I had some time during my review course that I ended up adding the other disciplines breakdowns for the afternoon portion. NCEES PE Specs_Civil-All.xlsx
  6. btkist

    PE Study Partner

    Do you have a link?
  7. I used my work's report coil binder. I printed the sheets I wanted as a reference and bound them with a cardstock back cover, the sheet I wanted, and then a clear plastic cover. They were bound and I was able to easily reference the info I wanted. And don't write on anything. I wrote in my notes with pen, or I went through my reference books and highlighted over any pencil markings. I did find a couple old homework assignments in a college book of mine that I walked up and gave to the proctor before the test and they threw them away... Just another thing to check before the exam.
  8. Same boat as you... Failed the last two exams. I'm taking the EET courses right now and they are pretty helpful. Nazrul is really helpful and thorough at explaining concepts. The binders with info and practice problems are top notch.
  9. btkist

    EET Books

    Thanks for the replys. I'll pick up the old ones and save some money. I have some standards and my newer textbooks which I could reference for any codes.
  10. I signed up to take the EET course. I was wondering if anyone knew how much they use the recommended/required books. I plan on buying them, but want to purchase the new edition for some subliminal reason, rather than an older edition like suggested. Would the old ones be sufficient?
  11. btkist

    Worse Score This Time by 10%

    I just signed up for the EET Breadth and WR Depth webinar courses. Here's hoping that the third time in April 2018 is the charm. Getting married the weekend of the October 2018 test, so that option is out.
  12. btkist

    Worse Score This Time by 10%

    Well, I'm in the same boat as you. Failed second time with a worse score than my first time. I felt way more confident this time than last time. I wonder if I missed a bubble on my answer sheet or something?
  13. btkist


    Scared to look... Second time Water Resources taker.
  14. btkist


    Same thing they told me last time when I emailed them... Good afternoon, You will need to contact NCEES to obtain you score. Let me know if I can be any further assistance. Thank you, NAME REDACTED Processing Technician II Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Landscape Architects Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration
  15. btkist

    Worse Score This Time by 10%

    Don't give up. I was a second time test take this October (still dont know if I passed). I also was confident on my answers, so we'll see. One thing that I did this time for questions I was uncertain on was I put a dot on the scantron sheet for the answer I thought was correct, and moved on. This made it easier to go back through and check questions I was iffy on, but also made it easier to fill in answers at the end while maintaining the correct answer on the correct question.