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  1. Kapaa

    CA Specific Exams

    I recommend Civil PE Surveying Review. I've passed with it and other co-workers that I've recommended the course to have all passed with it. It is a bit pricey but the course has straight forward videos and CBT practice exams that are similar to the real exam.
  2. Kapaa

    CA Specific Exams

    Good luck everyone!!! And if you don't pass, keep your head up.. you'll get it the next round!
  3. Kapaa

    CA Specific Exams

    Finally!! Got mine too
  4. Agreed. Reading other people's experiences with these exams have been so helpful and to just know I wasn't the only one struggling. Don't give up. It will happen!! I'm just patiently waiting on Seismic results now..
  5. Yes, I highly recommend EET. I took the EET Breadth and the WRE Depth course. For my 1st and 2nd attempts, I felt shaky on my grasp of the depth topics, but by the 3rd attempt I felt pretty good. My advice would be to tackle as many binder practice problems as you can and attend the problem solving sessions.
  6. Don't give up! I also did worse my 2nd time and then passed the 3rd.
  7. I took EET(WRE) in Oct 2016 and didn't pass. I took the repeat course and I passed this time around. Breadth: Kind of a toss-up. Some questions were really easy and some were really hard. The advice I received was to make sure you're strong in 3 topics. Depth: I felt I had a stronger grasp of the Depth concepts this time around and I practiced way more problems. I knew I completely guessed on way less coming out of the exam.
  8. Kapaa


    3rd time too!! Such a relief. Seismic to go now!
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