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  1. I was told by my direct boss that he couldn't give me a raise because I was already topped out for my position. Trust me I am not on top of the pay scale for an engineering position. My brother is in the same field an makes nearly 15k more than I do for similar job. My boss told me perhaps I could discuss it with the VP of Engineering to see if there was something that he could do to give me a higher salary. I would be required to stamp calculations a few times a year so it isn't like I would never be using my license. It is unfortunate that some companies do not acknowledge this achievement directly and almost force you to change companies just to get the compensation that you earned.
  2. I am curious to who all will be asking for a raise after finding out that that passed the PE Exam. Do you plan to ask for a raise immediately this week, or wait a few months. In addition, I would be curious to hear from people who received a raise. What percentage of raise did you get?
  3. I am not too confident in the information that I received. The first lady kept asking me for my PE license number which I tried to explain that I had not received one yet. She then wanted my application number?? I then got transferred to another lady who gave me the dates for the upcoming exam.
  4. I ended up calling.. "We are unable to see the scores and can't tell you when they will be posted, but they are usually mailed to you." FML.....
  5. I emailed them yesterday, but never got a reply. Hopefully, they post it this morning. I do not think that I can go the whole weekend without knowing after everybody else has found out.
  6. for real.. the wait if brutal.
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