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  1. passed as well! congrats to everyone! any speculation on when NCEES will update and I can turn in that results form for a sweet sweet testing fee refund?
  2. she indicated "next week" for online results posting?
  3. Not sure if that was the implication or that CTS has responsibilities for uploading/permitting the NCEES website score update. Just emailed CTS as well but they usually take days to get back - hoping the scores are posted sooner than that!
  4. they responded: "CTS posts the scores for the Illinois examinations as they are the test administrators."
  5. responded with: "Thanks for your prompt response regarding mailed responses! I'd noticed that 30+ other states have posted the results to the NCEES website throughout the day today; will Illinois also post scores via the same method?" let's see what they say.
  6. I emailed them this: "I am wondering when the board will grant NCEES approval to post the April 21 PE Exam results now that NCEES has delivered the results to state boards." got this for a response: "The official notices will be sent to you by CTS in the mail. Typically 4-6 weeks after the examination.Once they send the score reports out, they will send us the database with the scores to upload to our system."
  7. no unfortunately have to respond to this RFI by 5 - will call them the AM if not posted tonite.
  8. no, i kind of want to call the board - but am telling myself to wait til 4:30!
  9. According to my coworker who passed the IL PE in April '16, the email was sent around 3:19 PM. Another who took the same exam in October '15 got it at 11:15 AM. However as we are 34 days just as in April '16 hopefully we'll see some results in the next 1-2 hours!
  10. umop-3pisdn

    Curse you!

    They totally do, but were out on day 1 last April - at 3:20 PM per my coworker. So keep your fingers crossed - both for the scores and to hopefully avoid driving out to stupid Northlake again!
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