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  1. Mo84

    CIVIL PE practice exam

    With the difficulty level of October 2018 Exam, I seriously doubt I would have made it by relying on CERM
  2. Mo84

    CIVIL PE practice exam

    I agree with you that Goswami books can be frustrating and it does have some errors but I benefited from the ideas presented on the questions. What reference materials are you currently using to solve problems ?
  3. Mo84

    CIVIL PE practice exam

    The Green one though I used both the Blue and Green books. Check the link below https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0071777113/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1 I found it very useful for the WRE depth but it was NOT the only reference I used for the depth portion of the exam.
  4. Mo84

    CIVIL PE practice exam

    I recommend including Indranil Goswami-Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams to your list. Solve all the 40 depth practice exam questions.
  5. Maybe switch disciplines ? I have Masters in Structural but decided to go with WRE depth and passed the first time this October. Although WRE was much harder and more challenging than I anticipated, I ended up saving a lot of time preparing for the test by not going through all the reference books required for the Structural ..... Structural material is huge and the topics it covers seems endless. I actually now feel a more well rounded engineer after studying water and wastewater treatment processes which I found it to be very interesting specially the activated sludge process and water chemistry. If I were you I would give Structural a third try and then switch in case it did not work out ( I hope it works for you next time ). From what I've heard, EET structural depth class is really good so you might want to signed up for that one.
  6. I passed !! 😃 ... it was one tough test
  7. Mo84

    October 2018 Results Map

    Virginia Out I passed
  8. Mo84

    Virginia Out!

  9. @Sinaul Exercise helps especially outdoors if weather allows. I'll keep my fingers crossed and you do the same until we get that notification e-mail the first week of December or maybe sooner. We may have done better than we think we did, who knows. And just like @Otis McGrotis said, there is a lot to miss. It looks like the test was noticeably difficult on many of us which may lead to a reduced passing score ( 52-54 hopefully ).
  10. I found both am and pm challenging. My main issue was time management. Many questions on the pm had prolonged statements and lots of calculations and units conversion. If I had twenty more minutes I would have probably been able to solve 3 more questions on the pm. The conceptual questions ( both am and pm ) were tricky and hard to figure out. I also discovered that I messed up a couple of easy questions due to anxiety. Yes there were some straight forward questions but unfortunately not enough to balance out time. At least not for an average person.