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  1. Cut score can vary with each cycle and each discipline - I would think higher difficulty exams have lower cut score and vice versa. If you did your part and studied hard and then at least tried solving most of the problems during the exam without significant number of guesses ( about 5 guesses in the morning and 10 in the afternoon should be ok, both random and educated guesses ) you should be ok and most likely will pass. The exam is designed to have some obscure/super difficult questions so there is no other way around it. To stay positive, think about how many questions you can miss and still pass instead of how many you need answered correctly. For a cut score anywhere from 52-58, you can miss 22+ questions and still pass. That's a lot if you think about it.
  2. 👍👍 good pick Ah I see. As long as these functions don't make it qualify as a smart watch.
  3. I remember someone on this forum said they took their stop watch before the test started. There can be additional State specific rules/regulations provided couple of weeks before the exam date.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I bought a $10 mechanical watch from JCPenney and a $5 small clock from Walmart. Tried to keep it basic and NCEES compliant to stay out of trouble. Although I did notice at one point during the exam the proctor was standing near me staring at the clock I had placed on the table and taking notes. I'm not sure if I was not suppose to place it on the table. He was nice enough to not interrupt me I guess.
  5. Try to wear something light on top like a long sleeve cotton shirt and bring a jacket so you can be prepared weather you find it cold or hot inside. I wouldn't wear a sweater or t-shirt without having a back up jacket, keep it in layers. And remember to bring a permissible clock/watch.
  6. It's ok to have and share an opinion of the exam methodology, it's part of the freedom of speech. Maybe the exam itself is not a solid measure of anyone's competency as an engineer, but the time spent to prepare for the test and the diverse covered material is what I found beneficial. Sometimes it's about the journey not necessarily the destination. As an engineer, you'll definitely want to have your P.E. more than the other cert you've mentioned above.
  7. Generally speaking, passing the PE exam has more to do with time management and the strategy followed to prepare before, and answering questions during the test. When I was deciding which depth to go with, I narrowed down my options to code free depths, Geotech and WRE, as I simply did not have the time to go over all the reference books listed for the other three depths. Also, Chances were that I would have ended up wasting a lot of time during the test going over codes that I knew I was not confident/familiar with. So I had two options to choose from. Geotech or WRE. I eventually picked WRE because I found the topics to be more controllable and less tricky than that of Geotech and also because of the fact that the majority of test takers go with the WRE depth with slightly higher pass rates. I took the test and passed first time. The test was not easy but I was prepared. I used CERM 2015, EET morning binder, Youtube videos, Goswami practice tests and some random notes I found online. But remember, the only person who truly knows which depth is best for you, is you. I would sign up for a class for both the morning and whichever depth you'll end up with. Good luck
  8. It would make things more transparent and efficient. An improvement not necessarily a problem. What I meant there is that just as SE is a separate forum, CA seismic can also be separate. They are both related to Civil Engineering but they're not Civil PE exam
  9. I can see you already made up your mind up there!
  10. I would not call it popular as it's simply a CBT test which can be taken multiple times through the year as appose to the two times limit of the paper PE. I wouldn't mind it being there if it wasn't clouding the activity updates on the main forum page. The Structural Exam ( SE ) is on a separate main forum even though it's kinda part of civil
  11. @ptatohed The activity update on the right side of the main forum "Civil PE Exam" is almost always about "CA-Seismic/Survey Exams" which often needs another click to go inside and verify. It's just a little waste of time to the majority who are most likely not interested. Didn't think where it should go to be honest. Maybe some " Others " Forum ? or just take it out and make it a main one ? Thank you for you response though
  12. Hello Admins - I'd like to suggest that " CA-Seismic/Survey Exams " to be removed from the main " Civil Engineering PE exam ". I don't see it as a good fit to be there. It's too specific to the State of California and way more active than the other sub-forums there. Just a thought I wanted to share. Thanks
  13. I self studied and passed from the first attempt. I was out of school for about 5 years when I took the test and only used the FE Civil Review Manual by Lindeburg. I studied for about six months prior to taking the exam ( on a rate of an hour/hour and a half a day - five days a week ). Two weeks before the exam, I re-worked all examples and practice problems in the book. You need to work out as many problems as possible by hand without looking at the solution and use the pdf NCEES reference handbook to look up equations and other information. Keep in mind that the exam is all about time management so skip the questions you are not sure how to solve and move on, do not linger and get caught on one question. Signing up for a prep. course is not a bad idea, but again, make sure to solve problems by hand to improve efficiency.
  14. I remember when I first saw this thread for October 18. I was like boy the wait does suck and it only had been few days. Though this was nothing compared to how my feelings got manipulated here during the results week lol
  15. If I were you I would have brought alternatives other than the stop watch just in case. I find it odd that the exam administration are inconsistent with providing visible clocks in the exam room. Taking away watches /time devices without providing alternatives is just unfair regardless of what was instructed prior to exam date. Especially for such a stressful daunting exam.
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