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  1. Asphalt Design is more like a Transportation Depth topic. For the morning Transportation Breadth, I would only study traffic volume/speed/flow along with the obvious ones - vertical and horizontal curves.
  2. I think you guys are so special I even suggested that you should have your own separate prep forum lol
  3. I got answer (C) through continuity equation A1 x V1 = A2 x V2 Watch for units conversion
  4. I recommend against skipping the FE exam. If you have or can borrow the FE Review Manual by Lindeburg and a bit of time ( 1.5 hr/day for few months ) don't skip it. I never felt I wasted my time studying for the FE as it provided a natural refresher course for the PE morning portion. Being out of school for a while should be the reason to take this exam rather than skip it.
  5. Your situation was much better than mine. My firm doesn't pay anything - no references no classes. I borrowed a morning class binder from a coworker and studied on my own. But I will say this, I went for WRE depth instead of Structural even though I specialize in structural. I kept it realistic and avoided all the study time needed for the structural depth. Advice: Do not spend time wasting your energy looking at other peoples lives, It would only frustrate you and hold you back. Be positive and focus on your goal and have a clear study plan. Constantly complaining would eventually reflect a bad impression ( if it hasn't already ) and will have a negative impact on any future promotion opportunities. I apologize if I sounded a little rough here, but I'm only saying this for your own benefit. Good luck
  6. I agree it's not easy to switch at this point. Take some time off to clear your mind and then come back with a strong plan. You are not that far off you can definitely do this.
  7. Seems you used about the right method to study ! Your diagnostics indicate you struggled on construction related topics in the morning ( soil and structural mechanics can strongly relate to construction along with the obvious ones - project planning and means & methods ) and you didn't exactly do well on the afternoon . What made you decide on the Construction Depth if I may ask ? Maybe Transportation or WRE Depths are a better fit for you ? Construction is probably the least well defined Depth and it covers a wide variety of topics which can be more challenging and less predictable
  8. What is your approach to study computational problems ? Do you actually try to solve practice problems on your own without looking at the solution until you finished ?
  9. EET Breadth morning binder I had was excellent in hydraulics and hydrology and it became the main reason for my decision to go with WRE depth. My October 2018 morning exam was heavy on WRE topics too and I realized how helpful this class notes were. EET Breadth structural chapter was probably the weakest. I found it to be generally lacking. I used additional sources to study but my morning version of the exam turned out to be light on structural.
  10. @MeowMeow I don't think you are not a good engineer, it just seems you did not prepare well for this savage exam. I'm afraid two months of studying and only on weekends/couple of weeknights is not enough, at least not for the Civil Structural. I would skip April 2020 and plan for October next year the earliest. Plan for a long term studying instead of just few weeks prior to the exam date. Good luck
  11. I haven't tried School of PE but heard it was good for the morning. I had EET morning binder which was excellent. Check this link > The morning session difficulty can vary from easy (where only CERM should suffice) to hard (makes class notes a life saver).
  12. They are sold separately for $550 each. I only had the morning binder which was super helpful in the morning. I seriously doubt I would have made it without it back in October 2018. I studied on my own for my WRE Depth. I'm going to speculate wildly here for a trend I've noticed - morning Breadth sessions tend to be easier in April cycles and harder for the October ones. Geotech & Structural Depth harder April, bit easier October. Transportation and WRE easier April, harder October. Easy and hard can be relative though depending on each person. If I were you I would account for the worst case scenario and prepare accordingly. I found both the morning and afternoon tough for my exam cycle but I was prepared for it.
  13. I recommend EET course for both BREADTH and DEPTH portions of the exam. It's worth mentioning that there is no DEPTH course that will fully prepare you for that portion of the exam but it's definitely better than studying on your own.
  14. Cut score can vary with each cycle and each discipline - I would think higher difficulty exams have lower cut score and vice versa. If you did your part and studied hard and then at least tried solving most of the problems during the exam without significant number of guesses ( about 5 guesses in the morning and 10 in the afternoon should be ok, both random and educated guesses ) you should be ok and most likely will pass. The exam is designed to have some obscure/super difficult questions so there is no other way around it. To stay positive, think about how many questions you can miss and still pass instead of how many you need answered correctly. For a cut score anywhere from 52-58, you can miss 22+ questions and still pass. That's a lot if you think about it.
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