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  1. so the PM is qualitative.....but also quantitative? Maybe....although i find it improbable in light of how subjective the responses of the PM can be. If the grading happens in a workshop, then there is likely going to be solution manual for the graders to follow. The requirement for the graders to have extensive industry experience is to allow them to identify deviations from the manual, but still follow the framework of the solution......I need not say that we are all shooting darts here.
  2. I still find it hard to believe this..... @Sheik had an impeccable afternoon with 4A and a 24/40 morning and still didn't cut it. I find this to be fundamentally wrong. How can someone who has proven competency across the entire afternoon session, covering all conventional construction materials, fail the exam with a 60% morning session (fairly shallow questions). I find this especially disturbing!!....This is also magnified when you contemplate that, with a little bit of luck, he could've bubbled a couple of correct questions and made it......
  3. @TehMightyEngineer from what i understood from your famous cut score post, you cannot pass with a single Unacceptable PM problem. How is this possible?
  4. I took it in Macomb Community College
  5. Most of us did similar to this. Shiek got 23/40 4A yours truly 22/40 3A1IR it really sucks!
  6. Michigan out. Failed 22/40 3A 1 IR
  7. You're literally there......better luck next time my friend.
  8. dont say that....you absolutely get better with every round. Better luck next time!
  9. is there a formal venue where we can vent out our frustration of the process? like a formal complaint or anything of the sort?
  10. its funny how everyone's having dreams about the exam all of a sudden
  11. They wouldn’t even bother....no one would ever see their paper and point a finger
  12. good thing you have your's in check this is wrong i swear...i cannot comprehend how 10 weeks is required to mark any exam without obvious poor planning.
  13. my productivity is exponentially decreasing......
  14. @David Connor, SE's book is a must. I Highly recommend it.
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