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  1. maybe.. i have a feeling its gonna come out in a week or 10 days time.
  2. where does it mention June 7? maybe they are postponing it for this year. I dunno. June 14 is on the brink of their 10 week limit. I noticed that for the past administration, they released around the 1.5 month mark, approximately one week and some odd days after the PE's. we will see. Just a thought.
  3. I got the email.... should i open?
  4. I have both US and Canadian licenses and I agree. None the less, god bless the queen...
  5. @tj_PE what are these prerequisites? how much do you want to make me a copy of your binders? Lol ill pay for this on a Time and Materials basis...:)
  6. They told me they don’t sell it without registering.... i am not registering for that course ever...actually i will think seriously when i get the confirmations of my failures lol
  7. I agree its highly unlikely that they would, but there is no harm in trying. I am contacting them right now.
  8. @onemanwolfpack Is there any way to just buy the binders?
  9. I concur with @David Connor, SE. The seismic design manuals are a must have, though you have to be selective about what you study in detail, as most of the examples in these manuals are just way too detailed. IBC Volume 1-General: is a must. IBC Volume 2-Light frame; tilt up: was way too detailed. IBC Volume 3-Concrete: you can cherry-pick valuable design information and analyses of design of particular elements of LFRS IBC Volume 4-Steel (2012 version based on the 2015 IBC): Ditto but for steel.
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