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  1. Congrats! I passed my Surveying too! 2nd try! Feels good to be done with these seismic and survey exams.
  2. Go figure. This was the case last cycle too.... Results on a Thursday/Friday and IL results on Monday/Tuesday. I'm waiting for results from there too! Hang in there everyone still awaiting results!
  3. I tested in Illinois and they have a third party testing agency. If results come out today I am thinking I will find out on Monday or Tuesday through their third-party testing site and NCEES will post results on Wednesday. All depending on how your state administered the exam. If your state does not recognize SE license then I believe that they just have NCEES release almost immediately. If your state does recognize the SE license then some administrator at the board will likely need to give NCEES the okay to post exam results. Some states are better/quicker at this than others. This is all conjecture, but we will see...
  4. I took Vertical this go around as I was able to pass lateral in October (yay!). I felt that Vertical was somewhat straightforward. It was kinda refreshing but then again I was doubting myself on a few of the items in the afternoon. I am not sure if I was able to pick up all the "tricks" that the exam presented. However, I felt much more confident after this exam than last session.
  5. Interested in the text you have for sale. Sent you a PM.
  6. Congrats! That is great news!
  7. Same here @iwri. Quietly waiting for any word from the Illinois Board and NCEES. I too hope today is the day!
  8. Thanks for the input. Glad to hear that others are in the same boat thinking about references for these new test standards. I just passed the PE last year and this year going for the SE test. I have six years experience under my belt. It's also my area of work so with studying and exposure to some of the topics at work, I am hoping I'll be prepared come test day. Good luck to you when and if you end up taking the exam.
  9. Hello everyone, I am going to be studying for the SE exam with the updated 2018 test standards referencing IBC 2015. I have access to the 2012 SEAOC Seismic Design Manuals through my office. I was wondering if anyone can attest to whether or not it is worth purchasing the updated 2015 versions of the manuals. The 2012 are based on ASCE 7-10 and so are the 2015. Also, does anyone know if purchasing Volume 5 is going to be helpful for the exam? This deals with seismically isolated buildings and external dampening. I did not see anything in the exam standards that would elude to needing to study this but I figured I would ask. Thanks! Cheers!
  10. Passed! Holy cow! Good luck to everyone out there!
  11. Home stretch!...almost there
  12. My email to her was never returned but glad someone was able to get an answer by calling her office.
  13. I just emailed CTS to see if they can provide a status. IDFPR, as another poster has mentioned, was not able to provide any insight into the online posting of the results.
  14. Yea, same here...Good thing the NCEES website is mobile friendly. CTS, not so much...
  15. Sounds like someone was reading from a script when they typed this....
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