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  1. So on your first attempt you scored 26/40 in the morning and 16/40 in the afternoon On your second attempt you scored 21/40 in the morning and 20/40 in the afternoon Based on these scores i think you need to focus on both the breadth and depth. Signing up for the EET depth course is a good start for the depth as there are many success stories from folks taking that course. If you can improve your morning scores coupled with the EET course I am confident you will pass. I work strictly in bridge structures and some of the morning topics on the NCEES syllabus I hadn't seen since I was an undergrad. So what helped me get comfortable was doing lots of practice problems using the CERM. Get a hold of as many problems as you can and solve them until you are comfortable with the topic. So in a nutshell don't give up and continue to improve your knowledge and test taking and you will get past this test.
  2. Yes you are correct, the April results were released first day which was nice after hearing all the horror stories from previous cycles. Then it took another 30 days to actually get the license
  3. I was the same way in April, two under three years old with the youngest being 4 months. It was rough but somehow having all the other responsibilities made me focus really well during the times I was able to study
  4. I am in PA and I passed the exam during the April 2017 cycle and even though my paper license says the license was active the day I passed the exam it took over 30 days to get the license and also show up in the online database. The state board site says allow 30 days for your application to be processed following a successful exam result, so the wait continues even after you pass the exam unless they are changing the process during this cycle.
  5. Congrats!!! Incredible that seeing a little green box makes all the hard work and studying seem worthwhile
  6. jp11282014

    GA On My Mind

    Thanks for correcting my misinformation, NCSEA info looks to be out of date
  7. jp11282014

    GA On My Mind

    I'm not in Georgia, but from the link below it shows Georgia does not have a structural license.
  8. I should mention that I do not yet show up in the license search database but the information is posted where the license application details used to reside
  9. Just wanted to update the thread. I logged into the state board portal this afternoon and I have a license number.
  10. I would highly recommend bringing all the references on the list ncees provides. You would be kicking yourself if an easy question came from a reference you didn't have. The exam and references are expensive so trying to save a few bucks up front may end up costing more in the long run if you have to retake the exam since references are updated periodically Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Haha, not really but at least now I know there are a few people in the same boat waiting for PA to work out the bugs/issues in their new license system....
  12. I was antsy wondering if we would receive license numbers prior to the holiday and contacted the PA state board...I then received the same canned response @JM90 received 2 weeks ago "Our IT team is actively working on processing the successful results to PALS (Pennsylvania Licensing System) and issuing the professional engineer licenses. The board office has not been informed specifically when they expect the processing to be completed. We're hopeful it will be soon. Thank you for your patience." I am not hopeful we will see anything this week or next, given next week has a holiday.
  13. Thanks for the info, I will continue with the wait and see approach
  14. Yeah nothing yet here either......cue the Jeopardy final round music
  15. Haven't heard or received anything. Still nothing of the Depart of State licensing website...
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