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  1. I will most likely be signing up for the Vertical on Demand. I don't think I could take the stress of taking both tests at once.
  2. Awesome. Can I ask which firm? (Buildings or Bridges?). Both guys in my office passed!
  3. Two guys from my office are nervously awaiting the release in Utah!
  4. Not even the right format and no results notice page. Good try. Lol
  5. I feel like 56 was pretty much the generally accepted pass rate, give a point or two for bad questions. The number of people that assume 51ish seems to have increased exponentially over the last few years lol.
  6. The lack of a "," in the name of the title has put this sub at the bottom of the list. I bet many people won't see it!
  7. Doesn't it usually take a couple years before NCEES switches over to the new code books? Didn't they just switch to the 2015 IBC just over a year ago? (I could be wrong this is a serious question as I'm already starting to gather my books for October 2019). Thanks!
  8. I haven't taken the SE yet, but would like to start gathering materials. Could you direct me to where I might find this book? Thanks!
  9. My coworker just got his results. He passed!
  10. On another forum someone mentioned their coworker got a 57/80 on the ME/HVAC and didn't pass. Total bummer.
  11. Civil/structural here. I took the EET breadth and felt it was perfect. Saved me on a few I know I would have missed otherwise. I left the morning feeling I had only missed one problem. I am a structural engineer so if the notes were lacking in the structures section I may not have noticed as I didn't need to use them for those problems. I thankfully passed!
  12. I thankfully do not have to give a civil structures score cause this time I PASSEEEED!!! So Happy! I got a 50 in October. Honestly the morning saved me this time. I studied my butt of for the morning and felt good. That afternoon seemed really rough!
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