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  1. They seem to cash checks biweekly from what I’ve seen in previous timeline posts? And it showed up on my bank statement on the 23rd but I check the online photo shows that it was endorsed on a 15th so that is the date I consider it cashed. I submitted my application early October, got technically approved two Thursdays ago, and got my license two days ago. Awaiting for the stuff in the mail and oddly the expiration date is June 2020 so unless they move that I have to pay a renewal already Edit: Just checked and that’s normal for first time licensees to make you pay again lol
  2. Yeah, similar boat with a cashed check 73 days ago and unanswered phone calls and emails.
  3. Ah but they have a note on their website saying you must allow 60 days before you can ask them about the status if they don’t communicate with you. I think that’s like a deadline for a slow state process that needs to be met before they start getting calls from people. If that note wasn’t there I’d just sit and wait Edit 2: Sent to voicemail, nice, I’ll just email and be patient
  4. I’ve seen two posts say 59 days for application received email Today’s day 60 after they cashed my check and no response, maybe calling on Monday!
  5. Now for the two month wait until the board responds to your application lol Today’s day 58/60 after cashing my check before I can call them
  6. Ah, the state has to release results before they look at my application, it’s day 58/60 before I can call them so they’re obv stalling to that time
  7. Two years ago I got my results around noon PST on Wednesday after they graded it so I wish you guys luck tomorrow lol Still waiting for the board to process my application and after this week it’ll be 60 days without initial response
  8. On a side note, after next week it’ll be 60 days since I submitted my California application so the waiting period before contacting them on what’s up will be over. Can’t wait for the new applications to fill their inbox in the upcoming week
  9. Dang, you got hit by the NEC. Took it two years ago when the specs called for 10 questions max but was surprised by 12. (NEC was probably my weakest section but I did decently on them). Pf correction was pretty heavy then, there was lighting and lightning... pretty much all the topics on the list. I loved how it still felt 50% practice and 50% theory in cases. (I didn’t count but felt balanced) If you went to school studying power the theory felt really fresh to understand the concepts / math background etc of things
  10. Electrical Power PE: Alexander Graffeo book: go to and great summary book Electrical Machines (Wilde): Detailed, answers 1-3+ questions but you have to dig through all of the complexity / details NEC 2014: A must because you need it for about 10% of the test NCEES practice exam: A must. Ironed out what I needed to study, had similar questions to exam, showed me that non-NCEES practice exams are easier... Yeah I got a 55/80 on this one 2 weeks before the test...
  11. I found that the practice exams come from the book that teaches you the material and therefore you will do much better than the actual exam. I got around 70/80 on Graffeo but later 55/80 at a first go on the NCEES practice exam. I think it's validating to have the qualitative questions instead of just plug in a formula and you're good... Side note, thank you for the statistics of # of each type of question and interesting how the passing test takers have a pretty flat average for each type of question.
  12. I studied power as an undergraduate and am soon taking more classes in graduate school. Not much industry experience -- a marginally relevant government job for 7 months. Code probably was the hardest topic unlike what I've seen from survey results. PM was harder than AM (left the AM early)-- felt everything on the exam was fair game. Except I didn't print out my copy of the NESC from IEEE or buy one but it would've been 2 free points -- not fair. The NCEES practice exam really helped me identify weaknesses 2 weeks before to get myself up to certainty. I might've actually failed the practice exam by one question but I rushed it in under 6 hours due to impatience -- it helped me find topics I needed to study / do some problems I would've gotten wrong test day had I not worked through the practice.
  13. Coming from someone with more of a school background instead of actual work experience the results of this survey are quite interesting.
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