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  1. @socalengineer @TrafficNerd @CivilE congrats all! I left feeling confident but ended up with below average, haha just goes to show how many I went with C and moved on!
  2. @wannacape @CivilE included results! Passed! Also a weird breakdown of my score which made me feel less of myself haha. But still passed!
  3. @CivilE I see something from TPCB coming in my mail today... It's a regular size business envelope. Will go home at lunch to check, I think my mail comes at 10:30. High anxiety!
  4. @wannacape @socalengineer this wait is so long. I'm dying over here. Still a month to go!
  5. Apparently results come by mail! At least that’s what I heard from a colleague that passed in October.
  6. TPCB said 6-8 weeks after testing period ends which is June 30. So I have the weeks of August 11-25 marked on my calendar.
  7. @socalengineer glad to hear i'm not the only one done in 3 hours! Fingers crossed for you and I.
  8. @wannacape I did the ITE PTOE refresher course. I also purchased the ITE PTOE practice test. Both were very helpful in the exam. Make sure you know some values for formulas like deceleration and perception reaction time. I finished the exam fully in 3 hours. I felt prepared. You should have plenty of time. I went through the refresher course and memorized values like max super elevation. I think that helped. Reach out if you have more questions.
  9. I took it Saturday. My testing center provided the formula sheet electronically as a link in the testing software
  10. Yep yep yep. Asphalt manual was my missing link. Not sure it would've helped though.
  11. My fingers are crossed for everyone. I was kind of judgy of multiple time test takers but not anymore after I sat for the PE for the first time this April. My goodness.
  12. I'm glad you've got a positive attitude
  13. My guess is 5 pm today. Who wants to wager a chuy's strawberry marg.
  14. Would not base results on this. I remember checking last year in the database to see if my friends were added on results day and they weren't in there.
  15. Here's what I've gathered from previous test takers. Texas is typically on the first results release day. Later in the day (5 pm).
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