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  1. Will have to try again 😞
  2. There it arrhythmia...🙀
  3. Maybe we should give them a link to the forum thread so they can see the desperation...
  4. I would go with the more conservative assumption...
  5. What IF, the meetings are not related to the actual exam results post date...They have a PE Electrical and Computer exam meeting on June 14-16, but the PE results have been out for over a week now...And then after that they have a whole bunch of other PE exam meetings...So is it possible that the meetings are not related to the results posting date ? And that's pretty much the same way I was guessing on the SE exam 😀
  6. It was very difficult, I don't think I'll pass. I didn't feel confident at all leaving the exam. Big contrast compared to the PE.
  7. I'm a little disappointed with School of PE this time around. I took their class for the PE exam and I thought it worked out pretty good. For the SE vertical forces though, I found the classes to be unorganized and notes a little bit all over the place, also instructors sometimes unprepared. But who knows, a miracle might happen and I pass the vertical part. Then maybe I will revisit my statement
  8. I just finished a whole box of Milk Dudes for lunch...
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