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  1. Thats your magical psycic ability? Phishing? Lol
  2. Sure here it is. You could at least have a hot assistant in a sexy outfit.
  3. Its like eavesdropping in on the math club. Not much excitement. There isnt even a politics section to troll.
  4. So what constitutes fun around here?
  5. Thats really specific like a lot of thought went into it.
  6. There are a number of things i'd spend $11,000 on before paying to have mother nature kick my ass.
  7. No really big items except that i dont want to go in my sleep. When i go i want it to be epic. Better to burn out then to fade away.
  8. I created my profile because lurking felt like eavesdropping on strangers. Plus, how could I not with a conversation about Taylor Swith taking place?
  9. Welcome fellow lurker.
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