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  1. California is out Fail 40/80
  2. Oh my GOD it’s so beautiful
  3. So, my friend who took his P.E. exam in San Francisco (same as me) called the California board to see if he can apply for the EIT there since he only has the Texas EIT, and the lady ask for his last name to see whom he should be directed to, and she asked if he also want to apply for the licensing there and the state exam? He said no, I did not pass the P.E. yet, and she said “Yes you did” he was screaming all over the place...before he realized he was dreaming at the office... Now my heart beat is at 1800 because of this foul !!!!
  4. Damn so if all boards are like that and I only see an NCEES email, then I can continue what I was doing... and leave that email alone. What did the board email say? Congratulations bla bla your license number is bla bla bla??
  5. Did you receive both emails (NCEES & the BOARD) at the same time? or one then an hour later another one?
  6. Congrats !!! Well done.
  7. Sorry to hear that. We are all one family here, good luck for next time. The victory will be more glorious!!!
  8. Thank You very very much, it helps the rest have confidence and tackle better this anxiety. Congratulations as well you deserve it.
  9. Yeah I did not even know I was in the Texas result forum when I wrote it, however the question is good for every forum. You do not have the NCEES score over /80 you just get the Texas curve score. Thank You.
  10. Congratulations and No it does not come with score unless you took it in Texas, then they will give you a curve score !!!
  11. Good question at the same time can be bad for our health. Like if all passing candidate received a second email and we only receive one, then we already know what gonna happen right !?? Cardiac arrest !!!
  12. The rest of life !!!
  13. You guys may be right, Good Luck to all of us, nobody deserves to sleep with a fail result. And may GOD bless us all !!!
  14. Ok guys I went to the website of California Board of Professional Engineers and they are in a board meeting which should start at 1:00PM. So, the release is generally after the meeting is over so just pray someone makes the cut off low and we all in there. GOD be blessed for everything.
  15. Congratulations !!
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