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  1. It will be released today, so congratulations to those who will have it and good studying for those who will not have it...the studying will make you a better engineer I am sure about it.
  2. Once the state you took the exam releases it, it shows on your NCEES account and also on your state’s board website ...for Texas you put your name, your last social 4 digits and you will see your score. NCEES has corrected all the exams long time ago, now each state decided how to grade it, how to put the cuts, which score is a passing to make us wait for fun etc etc
  3. 1) How will you react if you pass? 2) How will you cry (Sorry react) if you fail?
  4. California is out Fail 40/80
  5. Oh my GOD it’s so beautiful
  6. So, my friend who took his P.E. exam in San Francisco (same as me) called the California board to see if he can apply for the EIT there since he only has the Texas EIT, and the lady ask for his last name to see whom he should be directed to, and she asked if he also want to apply for the licensing there and the state exam? He said no, I did not pass the P.E. yet, and she said “Yes you did” he was screaming all over the place...before he realized he was dreaming at the office... Now my heart beat is at 1800 because of this foul !!!!
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