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  1. Did anyone hear back from these guys? I emailed yesterday and haven't heard anything yet.....I can barely contain myself - must.get.stamp.now. (Probably be too chicken to use it for a while, but it'll at least be mine, all mine)
  2. fujichan

    Thank you EB

    Got to get our own back right?!
  3. fujichan

    Thank you EB

    I plan to - and how do I become a supporting member?
  4. fujichan

    Thank you EB

    I wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to all you EB-er's. - You all supported me when I was down after failing multiple times - You all kept me sane....well, allowed me to vent my insanity (which saved the people around me) - You let me sing Christmas carols without abandon - JINGLE F-ING BELLS PEOPLE, JINGLE F-ING BELLS It was a struggle, but this test chapter of my life is over....now on to the real responsibility (and MORE SPAMMING) right? Many Many Many Congratulations to all that passed. For those that didn't - I've been there, just keep at it, I promise you will get there in the end. Thanks again guys,
  5. Me too!!!! Congratulations!!! It’s over!!!
  6. I took EET WR Depth too and would highly recommend it. I did the on demand course because I felt that it worked best for my study schedule. The binder alone is worth the $500 - there are a bazillion questions to work through which I found worked for me. I didn’t necessarily find the lectures that helpful except when I was really unsure with a topic (mainly water treatment for me) but that’s probably just me. I found it so much easier to work through problems than watch a video late a night (when I could fit in the studying). Nazrul is a massive help and is so responsive, he really seems to care about you as an individual. So, I’m still in the dark (thanks Colorado) but I know there’s no way I could have even attempted WRE without EET.
  7. May as well spike the coffee now...it’ll help dull the agony of the wait
  8. ...just got for again. What? I swear my phone is just making shit up now. I meant to say “go for it again” it got the ugh ugh ugh right though!
  9. Thanks! Yeah, over it already. My heart is still in my throat though, and I have to keep giving myself the odd pep talk...”you know you got this” “well, hopefully you got this” “if you don’t got this, just got for again” ugh ugh ugh
  10. I’m home with a sick kiddo today, good thing I bought some work home with me yesterday - ha! Chances are, I’m not even going to look at it until this wait is over.
  11. LOL! Classic - and probably pretty accurate
  12. Ugh that sounds miserable! CO is usually pretty quick, so I've been on the edge of my seat all day. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings *fingers crossed!*
  13. I failed with 45/80 (WRE) in April. We were so close! At this point I think we're just going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out our fate this time around.
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