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  1. Hi civil engineers, I would like to ask experts on this board who specialize in residential home design / timber design: what is the most commonly used software for residential home design / timber design? A friend of mine asked me because he thought I have a PE and should know. But my PE is in a completely different area ... Would appreciate any comments / answers. Thanks a lot. Mike
  2. I took and passed the Texas PE exam in April 2017. I submitted my application in late June (6/28), and submitted other supporting materials (including reference letters) in early July. All required materials (ethic exam, background check, transcripts, references, SER, etc) are shown as "received" as of 7/14, but the application webpage has stayed at "admin review" ever since. It's stuck at admin review for more than 20 days. Does it usually take so long for admin review? Just curious if anyone on this board has recently submitted the application in Texas? How long does it take for admin review, technical review and to get approval? Thank you
  3. PE application package (reference forms, etc) ...
  4. Hi, I understand this is the mailing address if I send my materials via USPS regular mail: Texas Board of Professional Engineers 1917 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78741-3702 But is the mailing address the same if I send via UPS, FedEx or USPS Express Mail? I thought express mails have to been sent to "a person" with a phone number, is that correct? Please advise! Thank you!
  5. alright. finally i can get back to work. productivity has been very low today.
  6. in 24 hours? the info from the board is so not reliable !!
  7. texas is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. so it's now in the board's hand to decide when to release .
  9. i used the little chat with on NCEES website, and here is the reply: Elizabeth C.The results have already been released to the state boards. Some boards have already released to individuals. As soon as the state board where you took the exam gives permission to NCEES to post the results into your account, we will do so.
  10. and yet, Texas is still pending ...
  11. didn't someone mention that Texas was usually one of the first states to release results ?? any historical data to support ?
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